In: August 2018


The Travel Club Option for Travel APIs

Travel API's for Travel Club

What are Travel APIs, and more importantly, how can they help your business grow and increase revenue? This blog will take a deeper dive into Travel APIs and how Custom Travel Solutions uses them to build and grow branded travel clubs for non-travel brands and organizations.


Enhancing Retail Loyalty with Travel Clubs-as-a-Service

Travel Clubs and Loyalty Programs

Have you ever asked yourself: What is a loyalty program? It seems like a simple question – after all, we all probably belong to at least one loyalty program, whether it takes the form of a frequent flyer program, co-brand credit card, member club or travel club (this last one, travel clubs, happen to be our specialty and you can learn more here).


Retail Touchpoints Blog Published Custom Travel Solutions CEO Mike Putman’s Article

Travel Clubs and Loyalty Programs

Our CEO Mike Putman recently wrote an article for Retail Touchpoints Blog, an online publishing network that delivers cutting edge content to retail executives designed to improve the customer experience in the new world of cross-channel retailing. The article discusses the importance of travel clubs for retail, financial services and other non-travel verticals.


Phocuswire Blog Published Custom Travel Solutions CEO Mike Putman’s Article

Revenue and loyalty for vacation rentals in the age of Amazon and Google

Our CEO Mike Putman recently wrote an article for Phocuswire, a comprehensive daily news companion for the  technology, distribution and the digital economy fields – the backbone of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.


What are the travel and lifestyle benefits that resonate with retail customers?

travel and lifestyle benefits

Consumers like doing price checks, performing price comparisons, and comparing deals before finally hitting the ‘buy’ button. Thanks to promotional aggregators and daily deals, that process is easier than ever.


How Travel Clubs Will Be The Solution That Vacation Rentals are Looking For

Vacation Rentals for Travel Clubs

What exactly is the reason for this sector’s boom in such a short span? Well, there are a number of reasons but the major one is its unique charm to the typical traveler. Vacation rentals are exceptionally different than the regular hotel establishments.


Netflix and the Subscription Model: How to Acquire & Retain Customers

Netflix and the Subscription Model for Travel Club

Just a decade ago, Netflix was known primarily as the disruptor of Blockbuster and pioneer of online subscriptions for specific products or services (in this case DVD delivery, but there were also shaving clubs, travel clubs and so on). Around 2007, Netflix decided to keep its subscription model but made the wise decision to transition from DVDs to streaming content.


Travel club as an employee engagement strategy

Employee engagement strategy for travel club

Recent studies have confirmed that engaged employees create a better customer experience, strengthen their brand and are more productive. The study also revealed that companies with higher employee engagement levels have an edge over those in the industry with lower engagement levels and have 3.9 times more earnings per share than the latter.


Common Revenue Opportunities for Member Clubs, Loyalty Programs and Travel Clubs

Revenue Opportunities for Member Clubs

 Member clubs such as the $9 Fare Club offered by Spirit Airlines or Amazon Prime can be an ingenious way for travel and non-travel brands to diversify their loyalty offerings and drive a different kind of added value than a traditional loyalty program might offer. 


Loyalty 360 Published Custom Travel Solutions CEO Mike Putman’s Article

Join the Club: Travel and Lifestyle Benefits for Non-Travel Customers Members

Our CEO Mike Putman recently wrote an article called ‘Join the Club: Travel and Lifestyle Benefits for Non-Travel Customers Members’, for Loyalty360, the loyalty management magazine. The article sheds light on the benefits of offering travel and lifestyle benefits for non-travel member groups.