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Travel Clubs for the Millennial Traveler : Join our Webinar with Travel Massive on 10/3

Travel club for the millennial traveler

Custom Travel Solutions is partnering with Travel Massive, the world’s biggest tourism industry community, for a webinar on the topic of “Packaged Trips for the Millennial Traveler.” Are you interested in increasing revenue and loyalty for your travel brand? Click the link below and register to attend the webinar – if travel is your business, you won’t be disappointed. 


Successful Travel Club Examples

Successful travel club

So the question arises – why travel clubs? The answer is simple. They are the future of the tourism industry, without a doubt. The stats and figures forecasted this fact and current trends have supported it.


Private Label Travel Clubs for Member Engagement Marketing

Member Engagement Marketing

The ability to attract, acquire, engage and retain customers is key to any business, but especially those with a subscription-based business model. Subscription businesses may include co-brand credit cards, retail member clubs, timeshare destination clubs and other membership-based organizations such as employee groups and credit unions.


Building member engagement with Travel Clubs

Building your member engagement

The travel industry is the one of the world’s largest, contributing over $7.6 trillion to the global economy in 2014. To tap this immense revenue opportunity, travel brands need to engage their customers effectively.


Strengthening Travel Offerings for Financial Services

Financial Services and Travel Clubs

The importance of financial services to the travel industry cannot be overstated. Commercial and co-brand credit cards have helped both the travel suppliers (airlines, hotels), card companies (Visa, Amex), and issuing banks segment their common customers and understand consumer spending habits.


How to Ensure Travel APIs Drive Everlasting Organizational Value

Relevant API's for your business

API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functions that are used to access certain applications. Therefore, a travel API features various kinds of travel deals, details, and services that can be accessed by third-party vendors.


Travel Clubs for Media & Publishing Companies

Travel Clubs for Media & Publishing Companies

There is a growing need  for media and publishing companies  to find new   models  of  customer acquisition, retention and loyalty  for  the digital age.  Content   publishers and media managers  can tap into the “sharing economy ” and use value-adds, such as a  subscription  travel club, to add value to their own subscriptions and  turn more  lookers into subscribers, and subscribers into  loyal  customers. 


The Benefits of Travel Clubs for Sport Tourists

Travel Clubs for Sport Tourists

The sport tourism industry serves a growing segment of consumers who travel for competitive sporting events (NASCAR, FIFA World Cup, NFL) and other sport-related attractions such as hall-of-fame museums, as well as for active sport tourism such as hiking, skiing and canoeing.