In: October 2018


Event Recap: Recording of Our Webinar with Travel Massive

Travel Clubs for the Millennial Traveler

In case you missed it, we just did a webinar with Travel Massive, the world’s biggest tourism industry community on the topic of Packaged Trips for the Millennial Traveler. For any travel brand that wants to better understand their Millennial customers’ travel preferences and how to convert more travel sales and drive loyalty among this demographic, a recording of the webinar can be found here – Packaged Trips for the Millennial Traveler. A huge thanks to Travel Massive for arranging the webinar and the Travel Massive community members who attended the discussion.


Can a travel club improve loyalty for retail businesses?

Virtual Currency Rewards platform

Nurturing a loyal customer base will help your retail business to grow by boosting both revenue and profitability, given the fact that repeat consumers are likely to spend 60% more per transaction than the new ones. Obviously, this is easier said than done.