In: November 2018


The Partnership Effect – Improving member engagement and retention


A winning membership engagement strategy starts with careful planning. While all engagement strategies aim for a long-term goal of higher retention rate, starting off with short-term goals is the key to build it. Members are the backbone of any loyalty club, particularly the membership-based travel club. The partnership marketing team is responsible for building, nurturing and managing relationships with the members to ensure their needs are met. When done right, it can be incredibly rewarding and add tremendous value to the members. That being said, what exactly is the need for engagement, you might wonder? Michael J. Brennan offers a simple equation to understand engagement Engagement = Relationship + Action By leveraging the engagement touchpoints, the partnership marketing team can invent new ways to bring value to the members/ merchant partners. As a result, the entire experience becomes seamless for the members in measurable ways that benefit the higher goal of the loyalty program. Let us see how engagement facilitates networking and growth for a travel loyalty program – Active participation Engagement will build strongly when the member participation is maximized. To maximize participation and foster loyalty, networking is a useful key. The partnership marketing team should engage the members…