Travelers are moving beyond frequent flyer miles making the existing FFP environment, as the argument goes, more volatile than ever. In order to stay competitive and promote loyalty among existing customers, airlines need to implement a loyalty program aimed at making them independent profit centers.

The loyalty program will help create best-in-class FFPs with a clear strategy and defined structure using proactive technology to add a competitive edge to the airline. Differentiation using loyalty program benefits will help the airlines to emerge as clear leaders in the market. Airline FFPs remain a strong marketing tool to generate ancillary revenue. The loyalty program will further help to improve the value proposition of the existing FFPs and rejuvenate them for the new-age travelers.

The refreshed FFPs with added premium benefits for the airlines’ customers will help drive additional revenue. The loyal airline members can choose from a range of premium benefits such as huge hotel inventory, flight and hotel packages, and luxury waiting area, seat upgrades, free meals and more.

Loyalty programs undertake responsibility for seamless omnichannel integration and reduce management distractions in typically complex airline industry.

Another way loyalty program brings innovation to the airline’s existing FFP is by utilizing customer data and insights. The data can be used to create savvy marketing opportunities by the airline to maximize revenue and generate loyalty. The travel club loyalty program can expand datasets and help in the analytical process to analyze how customers make purchasing choices.

Here is how the travel club loyalty program helps airlines customers with ‘broader’ loyalty offerings and make airline FFPs become more countercyclical than earlier –

  • Enhance the value and credibility of FFPs with premium offerings
  • Personalized itineraries with complete package deals including flight and hotel
  • Member access to the world’s top lounges
  • Free meals and seat upgrades
  • Baggage rebates
  • Access to the luxury marketplace and shopping deals at discounted rates
  • Savings on distribution costs and travel agent’s commissions
  • Seamless omnichannel integration
  • Customer support 24X7
  • Strengthen brand loyalty to have a positive impact on member experience
  • Boost to the FFPs using social media campaigns and marketing tools
  • Enhanced customer engagement with added perks
  • Reducing costs through automation
  • Generate more revenue through repeat purchases
  • Focus on delivering ‘experiences’ than just miles or frequent flyer points