Alumni Clubs and Alumni Association

Alumni Clubs and Alumni Association Travel & Lifestyle Benefit Program

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Alumni Associations, Groups, and Clubs

How this works?

Alumni clubs can offer their members or graduates of the educational institution access to exclusive travel and lifestyle benefits either as a value-add to a higher tier of membership or as a standalone option designed to drive additional membership revenue or dues. These benefits deliver value to participating members and reinforce their ongoing affinity to the educational institution, club, or group.

Alumni Associations, Groups, and Clubs

Who is this for?

Custom Travel Solutions offers a unique White Label Travel & Lifestyle Benefit Platform to Alumni Clubs, Alumni Associations, Shared Interest Groups, Student Associations, Fraternity & Sorority Groups, Philanthropy Groups, High School Clubs, Student Organizations, Honor Society Groups, Employee Alumni Groups and more.

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Custom Travel Solutions

What We Offer?

Our Alumni Club or Association Travel & Lifestyle Benefit Platform provides your Club Members access to an extensive supply of travel and lifestyle benefits otherwise prohibitive to the individual traveler, creating value and loyalty that promote recurring engagement and member retention. Many of our clients have integrated Custom Travel Solutions' travel benefits/club platform with their current club management platform as leverage to create additional membership tiers, boosting membership revenue or dues.

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Custom Travel Solutions is a leading provider of private-labeled travel club software. Our core product is a fully customized and branded Private-Labeled Travel Club Platform.

    Augment the value of membership in your alumni club with exclusive travel and lifestyle benefits.

    travel & lifestyle benefits

    • Open a new, untapped stream of additional revenue.
    • Offer unique benefits to your current members and, perhaps, prospective members.
    • Use your privately branded travel site to increase brand loyalty!
    • A comprehensive benefits package is crucial for attracting and retaining club members.
    • Members can experience travel at significantly discounted prices.

    Benefits we offer for your members

    The platform-as-a-service is fully customizable to your brand guide and culture and includes the entire range of Custom Travel Solutions’ offerings: members-only hotel pricing, access to valuable lifestyle and travel benefits, booking engine functionality, membership management, affiliate management, fulfillment, and 24/7 customer service, reporting, and API access. Each of these components can be offered separately as a business service or mixed and matched to meet clients’ specific needs.

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