Author: Mike Putman

Mike started his career with a single travel agency almost three decades ago, which he grew into one of the largest privately held travel agencies in the American Southeast. Since then, Mike has acquired an in-depth knowledge of nearly every facet of the Travel industry. In 1995, he founded one of the 1st online travel sties, and built it into one of the largest online sellers of complex travel. Mike’s last role was as the president of Rovia, LLC where he developed the company into a global competitor, earning the World Travel Award for the World’s Leading On-line Travel Agency. Mike’s understanding of e- commerce, travel distribution, and executive coaching make him uniquely skilled at working without boundaries of size and scope.

Affordable Travel Club
Affordable travel Club: Making travel economical

When we think of a travel club, we never think of term affordable travel club, we think about rewards for bigwigs that travel regularly for their jobs. We often tell ourselves that the travel club is not for normal people or the average Joes, which is far from the truth. In fact, anyone can earn free travel benefits, even if you travel once or twice a year. How travel clubs reduce expenses making it affordable? Affordable travel clubs can help budget-conscious travelers to redeem rewards for discounted or free travel. Typically, traditional standalone reward programs are irrelevant to passive travelers. Affordable travel clubs, on the other hand, cater to all types of travelers and increase the relevance of the program. By integrating multiple platforms such as flights, hotels, car rentals, etc., businesses can offer targeted rewards and promotions relevant to their club members. These travel clubs come in all shapes and sizes to enable their members to get exclusive discounts on travel products and services, incentivize frequent or loyal members with free perks, earn outstanding rewards and redemption rates. The members can also redeem for additional benefits and valuable incentives such as airport lounge facility, priority boarding, waived baggage fees,…

Travel Club- An complete Guide 2020
Travel Club – A complete guide 2020

Table of Content What is a travel club? What is business growth effects of starting travel club? How to start a travel club? How Do Travel Clubs Make Money? How to tell which travel club is scam? 6 things why travel clubs will be next big thing Travel Clubs vs Online Travel Agencies   What is a travel club? Travel club is organization or entity which takes care of the travel need of the individual including flights, accommodations, cruise, cars, and usually auxiliary luxury benefits all in a single membership for a user. Travel Club also may offer the

How A Travel Club Can Boost Brand Perception

Brand perception is extremely volatile amidst today’s constantly technology-driven & connected world. However, with a new generation of customers in the ‘know everything’ environment, brand perception can be optimized using data and marketing efforts.

How A Travel Club Evolves Your Business

What is the major difference between a company that continues to grow and a company that doesn’t? Customer Retention!

Does Travel Club Membership Have a Role in Retaining Loyal Customers?

The key to a successful business and revenue growth is not just bringing in new customers but retaining the loyal customers you have, too. It is true for travel businesses especially in the ongoing crowded e-commerce era where clicks and conversions are adding to the cost.

Travel club- How it appeal to new members?

What is Travel Club? The travel club is a loyalty reward program centered around exclusive, member-only benefits for its customers in exchange for buying travel-related services or products. Joining a travel club is the easiest way to save on travel services such as airfare, hotel booking, car rentals, etc. Travel clubs charge their members nominal membership fee, either annually or monthly, to enable access to potential benefits and to earn as well as redeem rewards on travel purchases. How do travel clubs appeal to new members? Aside from the obvious auxiliary benefits such as discounts on flight and hotel bookings, earning and redeeming loyalty rewards on every purchase, the new generation of travel clubs are offering more flexibility, transparency, value to their members to create brand’s loyal base. According to a 2017 research, about 64% of brands reported an appreciable spike in travel club membership in 2018 with mobile being the biggest contributor. Here are some key benefits offered by private label travel club to boost brand and end-user connection with the new-age travelers – • Personalized experiences – As millennials and Gen Z travelers reach the income age, travel has become more attainable and frequent. These young travelers form the…

Top Loyalty Program Trends in 2019
Customer Loyalty Program: A complete Guide

Table of Contents: What defines a customer loyalty program? 6-step checklist for using travel as a customer loyalty play 10 interesting stats about customer loyalty you may not know

Online Travel Agent
Online travel agents-The Complete Guide

Introduction: In the current digital era with an abundance of choices and overwhelming options, the role of an Online Travel Agent (OTA) has become increasingly important within the travel and hospitality industry.