Affordable Travel Club

Affordable travel Club: Making travel economical

When we think of a travel club, we think about rewards for bigwigs that travel regularly for their jobs. We often tell ourselves that the travel club is not for normal people or the average Joes, which is far from the truth. In fact, anyone can earn free travel benefits, even if you travel once or twice a year.

How travel clubs reduce expenses making it affordable?

Affordable travel clubs can help budget-conscious travelers to redeem rewards for discounted or free travel. Typically, traditional standalone reward programs are irrelevant to passive travelers. Affordable travel clubs, on the other hand, cater to all types of travelers and increase the relevance of the program. By integrating multiple platforms such as flights, hotels, car rentals, etc., businesses can offer targeted rewards and promotions relevant to their club members.

Affordable Travel Club
Affordable Travel Club

These travel clubs come in all shapes and sizes to enable their members to get exclusive discounts on travel products and services, incentivize frequent or loyal members with free perks, earn outstanding rewards and redemption rates. The members can also redeem for additional benefits and valuable incentives such as airport lounge facility, priority boarding, waived baggage fees, complimentary class upgrades, and more without paying out of the pocket purchase.

How does this affordable travel club work?

Start with identifying the goals for introducing affordable travel club to the potential customers. The prospective members will feel appreciated with affordable benefits on top of exceptional customer service throughout every stage of their interaction. Sign-in bonuses and lucrative welcome rewards can further help members to afford free or discounted travel right after enrolling. The members can get access to exclusive rewards and offers by paying a minimal membership fee, often on a yearly basis.

Examples of affordable travel club

Expedia Rewards, Marriott Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest, United Airlines MileagePlus, Delta SkyMiles, etc. are some of the biggest reward programs that offer affordable travel (flight + hotel) benefits. However, these are best suited for frequent flyers or corporate travelers. Custom Travel Solutions is an affordable travel club membership program that caters well to both beginner travel hackers and seasoned pros.

How affordable travel club works?
How affordable travel club works?

Custom Travel Solutions has a diverse network of airline and hotel partners that are available to book at wholesale prices. With over 1.8M hotel networks and over 200 low-cost flight carriers, Custom Travel Solutions offer curated travel services with high-touch customer service to score cost savings for big spenders and not-so-big spenders.

FAQ’s for the affordable travel club

What is the best travel club for less-frequent travelers?

An affordable travel club is best to earn and redeem rewards for beginners or less-frequent travelers as it allows you to make most of the discounts and member-only rewards by paying a minimal membership fee. It is key to find a low-fee, high-value “bang for your buck” club if you are looking for deals for the occasional trip.

How can travel rewards be used for discounted travel?

Travel rewards can be redeemed against free travel upgrades such as complimentary hotel rooms, flight upgrades, access to the airport lounge, and discounted travel services such as car rentals and more. Referrals are also another great travel club rewards feature. Referral rewards are a great way to introduce a travel club to untapped markets of members who are looking for a solution.

Does the network size of a travel club make it affordable?

The network size and diversity of a travel club is a crucial element that makes it more affordable and appealing to the customers. The bigger the network, the greater the options for redeeming rewards.  Think about it, you want a travel club that is well connected in the industry and can provide worldwide savings, at places you trust. Assurance is a key with travel club members.

Who is the ideal user of an affordable travel club?

The ideal users are the ones who fulfill one or more of the following criteria-

  • who travel occasionally
  • have flexible travel dates
  • Destinations are flexible
  • Prefer saving over a preferred airline or hotel
  • Creature of comforts with no fixed preferences

How to evaluate an affordable travel club membership program?

The best way to evaluate an affordable travel club is by understanding the rewards and potential savings it offers to create a smooth travel experience along the way. Consider what you want to redeem your rewards to select the best fit that matches your needs and lifestyle. Consider the access you are receiving with the membership, and value it presents to other public travel sites.


This industry brief introduces the “travel club” concept and how membership-based organizations – such as employee groups, alumni clubs and credit unions – can use travel clubs to bring in more revenue from membership fees and strengthen loyalty among their members. By harnessing the inspirational and aspirational nature of elite travel and lifestyle benefits within a customizable, intuitive online platform, travel clubs can… • Help members take once-in-a-lifetime trips at discount prices
  • Streamline the logistics of travel, such as obtaining visas or medication
  • Keep customers/members actively engaged in the organization
  • Add value to other ancillary channels such as loyalty programs
  • Attract new customers/members through the appeal of elite travel and lifestyle benefits

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What is Travel Club

What is a travel club? Why should you join them?

What is a travel club?

Travel clubs are organizations or entities which takes care of the travel need of the individual including flights, accommodations, cruise, cars, and usually auxiliary luxury benefits all in a single membership for a user. Travel Club also may offer the following benefits to the customer:


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Having excellent customer loyalty programs is the best way to engage with customers, drive loyalty and reduce market churn.  Despite the ephemeral nature of loyalty, a travel loyalty program will motivate your customers to buy more often and earn exciting rewards in return. Case Study

Based out of Connecticut, provides an interactive platform for employees, job seekers, and recruiters.

Travel is something that connects everyone. Furthermore, with more than 80% of millennials preferring travel-based perks over any other reward, venturing into travel club industry made sense to To provide a customized travel club solution to its members, decided to seek the assistance of a travel club fulfilment company.

One of the major challenges was finding a one-stop solution for creating a customized travel club membership program for their users.

In this case-study, learn how Custom Travel Solutions provided a customized travel club platform to to cater to their needs and resolve various challenges that the firm was facing.