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The Sharing Economy’s Effect On Travel

The increase of IoT and the global economic downturn has become a fertile ground for ‘sharing economy’ in the travel sector. Most of the services or travel offerings are provided through sharing platforms between peers (P2P).

Customization & Influencing Path to Purchase

If marketing has one goal, it is to optimize the customer journey and shape the path to purchase in a way that it influences their purchase decision. Nowadays, this is why most online travel marketers have started to offer targeted recommendations for those ready to buy. In the face of overwhelming customer choice, customization offers an opportunity for travel brands to differentiate themselves.

Social Media Evolution in Travel Marketing

The limitless opportunities offered by social media has led to the emergence of new growth in the existing travel sector through the culmination of brand-advocating influencers, hashtag communities, and FOMO (fear of missing out). So what does this mean for your travel club or business?

Why Your Travel Business Should Go Mobile

The travel industry has grown emphatically over the last decade and continues to do so at lightning speed, thanks in part to the growth of a mobile-friendly business. The numbers currently stand at $1.1 trillion in 2018 contributed to the gross domestic product in the US economy alone. (Source) This tectonic shift is one result of companies prioritizing mobile as the primary sales channel.

Why Integration is Critical for Your Travel Booking Platform

With more technology integrated into our lives, your customers expect everything within arm’s reach via their devices. Their travel booking journey spans across multiple devices such as tablets, desktops, mobiles, laptops and more. It is critical for travel businesses to pursue omnichannel communication for providing seamless customer experience and maximizing sales.

6 Ways Customization Increases Revenue & Loyalty

When a product or service is tailored to customers’ specific needs, it can be marketed effectively to generate loyalty in the long term. From designer handbag to hotel accommodation and even consumer goods, pretty much everything comes with a personal touch. Retailers are looking for ingenious ways to implement product customization for better conversion rates. A report by Infosys backs up the desire for customization and states that 59% of shoppers who experienced customization have significantly influenced what they purchased while 31% wished for a more personalized shopping experience. (Source)

How to win customers and drive growth in the age of assistance

Today’s hyperconnected customers are glued to their devices. The need for constant connectivity is bringing some major cultural shifts along the way. Customers now expect to get what they want and brands who can offer the best assistance will certainly win.

Powerful loyalty marketing strategies to outrank your competitors

Attracting and retaining customers is a continuous process but can be made easier thanks to the ever-growing technology and multi-faceted nature of loyalty programs. Last year, the travel industry accounted for direct spending of $2.7 billion a day which is roughly $31,400 a second, according to a report published by the US Travel Association. (Source) Take a look at this infographic generated by the U.S Travel Association to see the full economic impact of the travel industry.

Tapping into loyalty data for smarter acquisitions

While implementing a loyalty program, retailers put the majority of their emphasis on cultivating current customer loyalty. However, expanding one’s customer base should not be overlooked. Fortunately, the digital age is all about data and marketers can inundate themselves with it. The challenge lies in using valuable data correctly and ultimately meet one’s business objectives.

How the current digital revolution will ignite the travel industry

The future of travel technology looks very promising. New technologies like Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, and machine learning are revolutionizing the travel industry landscape and loyalty programs are no exception. It’s high time to explore long-term strategies and new distribution models to drive engagement and reinvigorate your travel brand in this intensely evolving travel ecosystem.