8 Ways to Generate Leads for Your Travel Club with Social Media

In today’s competitive marketplace, almost every major brand is taking the assistance of social media to reach out to their audience instantly. Various travel clubs and businesses are already using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more to generate new leads and maintain a distinctive brand presence. If utilized wisely, social media can be your biggest marketing weapon in the long run. All you got to do is follow these expert suggestions.

  1. Focus on every platform individually

Let’s face it – you can’t be active on every social media platform. Instead of investing so much time, handpick the platforms that would appeal to your audience the most. It is observed that over 95% of adults (aged 18-34) are likely to follow a brand on social media (source).

To start with, you can be active on popular mediums like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Later, you can simply measure your ROI and distinguish your audience from one medium to another. Don’t have the same style of content for every platform. Try to come up with unique campaigns for every medium that would resonate with your audience.

  1. Run dedicated contests

If you wish to make your followers your brand ambassadors on social media, then run exciting contests every now and then. In this membership driven economy, everyone wants to be treated exclusively. Tempt your audience with some amazing prizes and gain an exceptional reach in no time.

  1. Connect with influencers

More than 70% of people make a purchase on the basis of a product’s social media reference (source). This makes the need for influencer marketing more evident than ever. To be one of the best travel clubs, you can get in touch with various domain experts and leading influencers related to your business. This will let you reach out to your target audience in a direct (and natural) way.

  1. Focus on your content strategy

When it comes to marketing, content is considered as a “king” for a reason. While developing your content, think from the perspective of your audience. Try to make your content informative and simple. It should give a subtle marketing message while encouraging your audience to share it with others. Develop weekly and monthly content strategy while keeping your audience’s need in mind.

  1. Share travel postcards

Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat can be used to reach out to your audience and generate leads without much trouble. Simply run dedicated stories and campaigns regarding postcards and inspire others to travel. Not only will it help you bag more followers, it would also be a failsafe promotional technique.

  1. Take the assistance of user-generated content

Most of the marketers out there fail to make the most out of user-generated content. Besides sharing testimonials and reviews on your website, make it more social and post it on different digital platforms as well. This will make your travel loyalty programs look more genuine and your audience would be able to learn from the experience of other travelers as well.

  1. Give exclusive discounts

This is one of the most effective (and easiest) ways to gain more leads for travel club membership from social media. Run exclusive discounts for your followers and offer various dedicated promotional offers to them. The exclusivity will make them feel valued and you would be able to turn your audience into prospective leads.

  1. Promote your content

No matter how good your content is – if it is not able to reach out to its target audience, then it would be quite futile. If you think your content is not getting an expected reach, then simply boost it a little by promoting it every now and them. Quantify its results in a timely manner to measure your ROI. Various member-driven organizations are already doing the same to get more leads.

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