What is Travel Club

What is a Vacation travel club? Why should you join them?

What is a travel club?

Travel clubs are organizations or entities which takes care of the travel need of the individual including flights, accommodations, cruise, cars, and usually auxiliary luxury benefits all in a single membership for a user. Travel Club also may offer the following benefits to the customer:

Enhanced hotel offers
Vacation Rental Deals
Personal Assistant
Airport Lounge Access and many more..

Types of travel club

Traditional travel clubs:

The traditional travel clubs used to offer primarily two types of travel rewards – points and miles. Nowadays, advanced rewards are offered to cater to different types of travelers, in addition to points and miles currencies.

Modern Travel Clubs:

Modern travel clubs are white label travel portals that utilize subscription and membership-based models to woo new-age customers who seek an abundance of choices and access to information. They focus on adding long-term value to their customers with unique offerings and rewards. Smart travel clubs are looking beyond a transactional relationship with their members to offer experiential rewards and build loyalty. They are putting the travelers in control by allowing them to engage in the trip building process and deliver assistance throughout the customer journey to drive both attitudinal and behavioral loyalty.

Travel Club

Travel Club

Why should you join them?

Whether you are a frequent traveler or just want a great deal on your next vacation, there is no better time to join a travel club than now. Joining a travel club can help maximize earning travel rewards along with lucrative member benefits and upgrades that are enlisted below :

Utilize sign-up rewards –

The fastest and most efficient way to earn rewards is by signing up with the travel club as a member. These welcome rewards and bonuses can be redeemed for your next travel purchase depending on the offer.

Member-only discounts –

The most obvious reason to join a travel club is to gain access to member-only discounts on travel bookings. Even though it is a very straightforward way to earn rewards, you can set up alerts for the lowest price on a particular category or look for last-minute deals.

Earn and redeem rewards –

Travel clubs allow its members to earn rewards on every purchase along with the flexibility to redeem those rewards for your next spend. You can get the most bang for your buck by not only saving on your purchase but getting additional rewards in exchange for a modest or non-existent membership fee.

Upgrades and perks –

Travel clubs offer dynamic upgrades and perks with your bookings based on your reward tier. You can avail benefits such as free cancellations, baggage rebate, free parking, complimentary seat upgrades on flight booking, executive airport lounge access, hotel upgrades such as complimentary breakfast, spa services, and more.

Medical services –

Travel clubs provide emergency health services in the wake of a calamity, illness, or crisis to help their customers till the end of their trip.

Personalized rewards –

To improve customer experience and make them feel truly valued, travel clubs are taking rewards to the next level with personalization. Travel clubs are using technology-aided data insights to curate aspirational, personalized rewards based on their member’s personal preference, shopping history, customer interactions, demographics, etc. Travel clubs can predict the needs and wants of their customers in totality across all touchpoints.

Lifestyle as service –

Modern travel clubs provide lifestyle as service to elevate the customer experience. This can facilitate earning and redeeming rewards even on everyday purchases for average travelers.

FAQs before entering the travel club?

  • How do I access a travel club offer or benefit?

You can fully access member offers and benefits by first registering with the travel club.

  • What do I get with my membership?

You can avail a vast array of exclusive benefits with your membership that include discounts on travel services,                     complimentary upgrades, and perks, earn and redeem rewards, book services such as events, concerts, and car rentals, discounts on luxury products, curate group trips, visa assistance, airport lounge access and more.

  • What kind of experiences will be offered?

Widely speaking, you can expect curated and personalized experiences that resonate with individual members. The experiences can be designed around locations of your choice on the specified dates.


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