White Label Travel- Complete Guide 2022


As an online travel marketplace, it is not possible to do everything on your own. With the travel industry evolving at a breakneck speed, keeping pace with various aspects of travel services such as website maintenance, inventory management, social media marketing, and customer assistance can be hard. This is where white label travel solutions come in handy. Instead of leveraging travel offerings from multiple partners, white label travel clubs and software fill in the gaps and act as the one-stop solution for all your needs. 

What is White Label Travel? 

A white label travel solution can be a product or service that facilitates rebranding and reselling your services under your brand name to your clients. In simple terms, a white label travel solution is sold by company A in a way that can be rebranded and resold by company B under their brand and logo. 

White Label Travel
White label Travel

White label travel providers typically have a large distribution network of travel suppliers and partners so you don’t have to create products or services from scratch. They provide a robust online web-based travel booking system that can be customized for your business requirements. Online travel portals and travel booking APIs are provided to B2B and B2C clients or online travel agency to help automate the entire booking process.

For example, if you go to Walmart to purchase some goods, you will notice that the products are sold under their brand name. But they are not entirely produced by them. Walmart ties up with various companies that produce products for them and then they are sold under Walmart’s brand and logo to the end client. 

The major advantage of partnering with a white label travel provider is anonymity. The business requirements can be customized to meet your business demands and enhance offerings, all under your branding. Travel entrepreneurs can opt for white label travel solutions to maximize their profit margins without spending a lot of time or money.   

Different White label travel solutions and how each solutions works 

The business model of a white label travel solution is pretty simple. First, a supplier or vendor will make the white label product, software, or service without any logo or branding. Then it is sold to a reseller who will adjust the branding or customize the product per their requirements. Finally, the end product is sold to the customer without them ever knowing It was white-labeled.

To understand this better, let us look at different types of white label travel solutions in the market –

White label flight reservation system

The flight reservation system is an online flight booking system that simplifies the booking of domestic and international flights for customers. It works through a flight reservation API that can be integrated into the existing travel portal. Customers can search through different flights and airline providers to make the desired selection. They have access to real-time flight inventory with available rates and other information. Customers can search, make and modify bookings, and more through flight API.

White label flight reservation system
White label flight reservation system

A White label flight reservation system allows travel agencies, travel management companies, and tour operators to collect flight inventory and present customers with a vast array of options in real-time based on flight and seat availability on different routes across the world. Having a flight API not only simplifies the booking process but also generates revenue and profit margins. 

The business model of the white label flight reservation system typically consists of two types – the retail commission model and the wholesale model. 

The Retail Commission Model

In this model, the travel retailer pays a commission to the supplier or vendor of white label travel products or services. In the case of the white label flight reservation system, the commission is paid by the retailer to the vendor for flight booking done by the customer. With millions of airline companies partnered with the suppliers, there is no shortage of supplies for the retailer.

The retailer can directly partner with the white label travel provider or get desired offerings via OTAs who act as third-party suppliers. In the case of OTAs, the retailer has to give a huge percentage of their revenue to them, leaving them with a thin margin. On the other hand, partnering directly with the white label service provider is more beneficial for travel retailers.

Additionally, white label travel providers know how to reach customers and generate interest. They employ marketing tactics that drive more potential customers to your website or travel portal. Using ads and SEO strategies, they can help travel retailers  increase conversion rates and generate a consistent stream of revenue. 

The Wholesale Model

This model offers a great alternative to the retail commission model and is favored by large travel entities. In this model, travel offerings are provided to the enterprise clients through an API feed. Travel retailers or aggregators buy travel products in large quantities. In this case, travel retailers will buy a huge flight inventory consisting of domestic and international flights of various airline companies across the globe.

When they buy in bulk, they get the lowest airfare rates that make them huge profits. The white label travel provider will sell airline tickets at the lowest rates in exchange for guaranteed revenue for that segment of flight inventory.

The commission rates are typically lower than that of the OTAs. Additionally, the net taxes are calculated on the lower rates. This allows retailers to be flexible with their pricing offered to the end customer.

They can either be aggressive with the pricing or set offers and discounts as desired on certain dates or during the holiday season to boost their sales and revenue. By getting access to wholesale rates from white label service providers, big travel retailers can make a profitable business and establish themselves as leading brands in the travel space. 

Once you have decided on the type of business model that works best for your online business, the next step is to boost loyalty and engagement by offering value to your customers.

White label travel providers also offer value-added benefits that enhance and complement the existing suite of offerings. It will not only help you earn an incremental revenue but also position you strongly in the market while building your brand and giving you an edge over your competitors as well as other travel OTAs.  

White Label Hotel Booking System

The state-of-the-art hotel booking system is a complete accommodation booking solution that consists of a hotel inventory with real-time rates and availability. It consists of a hotel reservation API that fetches information from various hotel chains and accommodation partners to provide the end client with the best rates and availability of rooms.

It is a fully automated platform that takes care of bookings, cancellations, modifications, and more. By leveraging the white label hotel reservation system, travel retailers can instantly add services to their existing offerings and make good profits.

White Label Hotel Booking System
White Label Hotel Booking System

A white label hotel API is a software solution that businesses can use under their branding and logo. In exchange for some commission or fees, the end-user can rent the software and resell the products or services. Apart from that, businesses can also make use of white label services such as automation and marketing in exchange for additional payment.

These services simplify the entire booking process and help your business target a wider audience in less time.

For example, let us suppose that company A is a service provider or supplier and company B is a retailer. Company A sells its services to company B in exchange for fees. Company B can rebrand and resell those services to end consumers or company C under their name.

Company A fulfills the business requirements of company C under company B’s branding. Whether you want to retain existing customers or attract new ones, it is profitable to partner with the white label service provider to increase your basket size.

Developing a new hotel API or partnering with hotel chains can be an arduous process. It can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for emerging travel entrepreneurs and small businesses. By outsourcing services and products from white label travel providers, you can solely focus on the core competencies of your business and keep your profits going.

Additionally, customers expect customization and continuous enhancements in their travel offerings. By offering accommodation with value-added benefits such as breakfast, complimentary Wi-Fi services, medical assistance and more will promote loyalty. When starting as a hotel retailer or online travel marketplace, it can be a lot easier, resourceful, and affordable to tie up with a white label hotel provider.

Without any branding restrictions, you can establish your unique brand in the travel space with unique offerings and customizable services in very little time. 

Role of Custom Travel Solutions in providing White label Travel services 

Custom Travel Solutions provides white label travel solutions for small to large travel businesses at affordable prices. The white-label API solutions are offered across various categories such as flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. Our travel platform is highly customizable and allows you to rebrand offerings and services under your brand name and logo.

Equipped with the latest travel technology, our flight and hotel travel engines provide a state-of-the-art experience to your customers.

The automated and robust web-based platform is designed with built-in functionality that allows you to seamlessly manage customer bookings, subscriptions, enrollments, and more without any hassle. Depending on your business size and requirements, you can customize the travel offerings to provide the best value to your customers. 

Once you have selected the benefits and customized the booking portal, you can launch your own online travel business and sell flights, hotels, and other travel services. The best thing is that you don’t need a separate team to handle technical complexities.

As a leading white label travel service provider, we have the best team of experienced professionals who will manage all technical aspects of your travel club so that you can focus on generating more revenue. 

The travel API integration can be done with your existing travel website as well as under your brand. You can choose to modify the website or customize it to your changing business requirements as well. Our high-touch customer service will ensure that your customers are well assisted throughout the customer life cycle. 

As the world’s largest travel club builder, here are some of the key features which Custom Travel Solutions makes available to you:

  • Seamless API integration into existing travel portal or website
  • Best travel technology
  • Worldwide inventory available 
  • Fully customizable white label travel solution 
  • Real-time rates
  • Large travel inventory 
  • Best price in the industry 
  • Value-added benefits 
  • Daily lifestyle discounts 
  • 24X7 superior travel assistance 
  • Visa and passport assistance 
  • Luxury travel marketplace 
  • Seat alert and frequent flyer alert
  • Payment gateway integration with multi-currency options 
  • Advanced business data reporting 
  • Optimized booking engine 
  • Multi-language support 
  • Sales and technical support
  • Marketing assistance 
  • Cashback rewards 
  • 100% customer satisfaction 
  • Ability to track and manage reports 

Our white label travel club platform has low-cost and affordable ownership options that will meet the business requirements of various B2B and B2C retailers. The comprehensive booking engine offers the lowest pricing options to drive engagement and retention. Without a lot of financial resources and effort, you can build your travel brand in no time. We also assist with the onboarding of new members while helping you with marketing tactics to retain existing ones. 

Let us look at key benefits of Custom Travel Solutions as an ideal B2B and B2C white label travel solution –

Multiple offerings under one single platform

Custom Travel Solutions is a reliable white label travel club that offers multiple travel benefits and services under one single platform for your customers. Some of the key member benefits include enhanced hotel offerings, best rates on flight bookings, cruise bookings, car rentals, a luxury travel marketplace, and more.

It is a great way for small to large travel businesses to build an attractive online presence and build a large customer base. All these travel services along with value-added benefits can be integrated seamlessly into your existing business to provide a one-stop-shop for all your customer needs.   

No huge investments

Emerging travel entrepreneurs and small businesses can start selling travel products without spending heavily on website development and API integration, especially during the initial phase of their online business. Without investing in infrastructure, businesses can save ample time and energy.

They can focus on improving sales and build a solid ROI model without worrying about the technical aspects of business management. 

Advanced technological capabilities

Our technologically-equipped and robust booking engine comes with advanced features that deliver a high-value reward system to customers and promotes loyalty as well as engagement. 

Customizable and automated travel portal 

The travel portal is fully customizable to suit your business and customer requirements with a focus on delivering quality and premium solutions. You can rebrand the portal using your logo and branding elements to gain brand recognition and position yourself as a key market player. It is automated and also offers multi-language and multi-currency options for enhanced retention.

Superior customer service 

Our 24X7 superior customer service provides your customers with a highly engaging experience that keeps them bringing back to your business. It also gives you an edge over your competitors while imparting value to your customers.  

Focus on your brand growth 

With less time spent on managing customers and other nitty-gritty specifics, you can focus solely on improving your brand awareness and reputation to generate a consistent incremental revenue stream. 

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