Why Work For Us?

While most companies say words like “we care about our employees” and “we are a learning organization” at Custom Travel Solutions, we truly go beyond just the words. Here are the things we do to help our staff:
  • We have weekly all-staff meetings where each department head talks about what is going on with their group, where the CEO speaks to the new things on the horizon, where we share something from our personal development training to keep it fresh in our minds, and where every staff member has an opportunity to speak about something that happened in their week or to ask questions about anything that was said. This is very different than most company meetings where everything is Rah! Rah! We literally are sharing, and the floor is open for questions or clarification. This meeting starts us off each week with a fresh view of the week, clarity about the top priorities, and a fresh commitment to each other and the company.
  • Each new staff attends a 2-part personal development training with other new staff, so that right off the starting line, they know some of the jargon that we will speak about as we all strive for Excellence!
  • Each new staff goes through initial onboarding, letting them know how the company is structured, how they fit in the organization, and how their role is important.
  • The CEO has weekly time allocated on his calendar specifically for staff to schedule themselves on it. Any staff can schedule time with him or with any of the other leaders in the company. We view ALL our staff as valuable, and we act like it!