Travel Club
Travel Club- Benefits and its Money making Model

What is a travel club? Travel clubs are organizations or entities which takes care of the travel need of the individual including flights, accommodations, cruise, cars, and usually auxiliary luxury benefits all in a single membership for a user. Travel Club also may offer the following benefits to customer:

5 Ways Travel Technology Boosted Travel Club Programs

The latest travel membership programs are powered with technology for a more flexible, fast and personalized loyalty user experience.

6 Standout Ways Travel Clubs Appeal To Modern Travelers

How do travel clubs appeal to new members? Unlike traditional travel booking platforms, today’s travel clubs are addressing the needs of young travelers who are looking for exceptional experiences.

Online Travel Agencies
What is an Online Travel Agency? OTAs vs Travel Clubs

What is an Online Travel Agency? OTAs (Online Travel Agency) like Expedia,, Travelocity and others are known for advertising major discounts to hotels around the world.

How A Travel Club Program Appeals To Members

What is a travel club? Travel agencies, membership groups, and affinity clubs have existed for a long time. But how has the travel club concept change the way brands can appeal to members?

6 Benefits of Loyalty Program and Trends in 2020

6 Benefits of Loyalty Program and Trends in 2020 Having excellent customer loyalty programs is the best way to engage with customers, drive loyalty and reduce market churn.  Despite the ephemeral nature of loyalty, a travel loyalty program will motivate your customers to buy more often and earn exciting rewards in return.

How Personalized Travel Is Changing Customer Loyalty

What is customer Loyalty? Customer loyalty is one of the crucial drivers of the modern travel ecosystem. Loyalty programs are constantly evolving and innovating to add more value to customers in the form of rewards. With the rise of the new-age digital generation, the overall interest in travel is high and these tech-savvy travelers are eager to engage with loyalty programs for their personal benefit. The ability to transform a single purchase into multiperiod decisions is what determines customer loyalty for a travel brand. This also dictates how much you should spend on customer acquisition. Today’s loyal customers will reward brands for personalized engagements and benefits and are more likely to remain loyal to a brand that offers personalized experiences.

Top Luxury Travel Trends for 2020

The luxury travel market has witnessed a sizeable growth over the last decade due to the continuously rising inclination towards personalized and unique holiday experiences.

Travel Club
What is a travel club and its business impact in 2020?

Content What is a travel club? What are the business growth effects of starting a travel club? Understanding: Earning, Value & Redemption Travel Clubs versus Online Travel Agencies 6 reasons why travel club will be the next big thing

How A Travel Club Can Connect Brand To User

Travelers Are Willing to Stick Around, Arm Your Brand with the Right Tools As the number of travelers rises year after year, the number of members enrolled for travel-based rewards programs continues to rise along with it. According to a recent survey, about 56% of travelers were a part of one or more hotel loyalty programs while 54% belonged to at least one airline loyalty program. (Source)