Concierge or Lifestyle Programs

Member only benefits - Concierge and lifestyle program


Choose from a range of concierge services and lifestyle benefits exclusively for the members designed to maximize revenue and retention for your brand. Most travelers forget about booking individual experiences or activities during their trip and prefer an all-inclusive package that serves the purpose right. Custom Travel Solutions offers unique deals and benefits for the members of the loyalty club to customize and enjoy as per their wishes.

As a brand, you can offer a turnkey solution to your customers in the form of complete package inclusive of member-only travel benefits at discounted rates. The members can choose from premium offerings that include hotel and flight bookings, room upgrades, restaurant reservation, spa sessions, activities and unique experiences to get the most of their membership.

Some key highlights include –

  • Dedicated travel concierge for member-only hotel rates
  • Visa assistance
  • Upgrades and complimentary stays
  • Bespoke all-inclusive holiday package
  • 24X7 global assistance
  • Ticket concierge for booking events, concerts etc.
  • Online assistance
  • Unique offers, upgrades and last-minute deals for the members

You can either choose to supplement your existing lifestyle and concierge offerings or offer a stand-alone loyalty club membership that includes dedicated lifestyle management services tailored to reward your members. Custom Travel Solutions sources everything from hard-to-find deals and extravagant travel itineraries to serve as a go-to solution for all sorts of travelers. The concierge specialist team at Custom Travel Solutions ensure 24X7 customer support across multiple channels to offer assistance during hotel booking, organizing special events and extravagant experiences, secure a venue, theatre or concert bookings, car rentals and more.

The concierge services are thoroughly researched and customized to make members’ lives easier and save their time so that they can focus on enjoying their trip. The lifestyle concierge services are well-designed to offer access to unique experiences to the travelers that they otherwise might not be able to arrange.

The comprehensive back-end support team of Custom Travel Solutions overcome language barriers and time crunches by offering multi-language support to help the members with any problem that needs to be solved, 24 hours a day. The dedicated specialists will arrange travel, entertainment, VIP reservations, luxury purchases,

The members can take advantage of complimentary concierge services, meal and accommodation upgrades, luxury shopping deals and discounts to live the high life and fulfill their travel dreams. The propriety CRM network allows you to access members’ travel preferences and opportunity to create seamless experiences by providing bespoke travel solutions and tailored recommendations. By consciously investing in customer retention, you can maximize your revenue and reduce customer acquisition costs to grow a massive business faster.