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Personal and Home Cyber Protection


A powerful and affordable way to

Protect your digital life

Like most of us, you probably lock your front door and back door to keep you and your family safe. But what are you doing to lock all the doors to your digital life? Your members are ten times more likely to be victims of cybercrime or identity theft than experiencing a home burglary. Cybercriminals and online predators can break into homes and your member's private lives with the click of a mouse. Cyber Companion powered by iDefend gives your members more than just identity protection. It's total protection against today's digital threats in a single plan – including identity protection, computer, and device security, unlimited technical support help, and online privacy protection. There's no other cyber protection plan like it anywhere!  

Protect against cybercrime, identity theft, and online privacy risks

Safeguard your members against cyber-attacks

Our cybersecurity and monitoring tools safeguard your members against cyber-attacks, identity fraud, and online predators. In today's digital age, where more and more homes have become the center for work, school, and entertainment, it's more important than ever to protect the entire family. From toddlers to seniors, everyone is vulnerable to identity theft, cybercrime, and privacy risk. From identity theft recovery to removing computer viruses and troubleshooting home networks — we've got your members covered.


Working and learning from home

Home is the new technology center for families, including students learning from home. The Cyber-Companion member benefits provide expert security and support to make learning at home more accessible and safer than ever. With cybercriminals targeting both students and stay-at-home workers, it's vital to ensure their computer(s) and mobile devices are secure, free of malware, and running like new. Our privacy is under attack like never before. Cyber-Companion gives your members the tools and expert support to keep their personal information and online activity private.

Your Team of Security and Tech Experts

Technology alone is not enough to stay safe in today’s digital age. It’s always best to provide your members with expert support from a team they can count on to help keep themselves and their families safe and eliminate technical support headaches. With the Cyber-Companion member benefit, your members or employees instantly own one-on-one personalized assistance and support from trained cybersecurity and technical support team. Expert help with their computer, mobile device, home network, and online privacy is a phone call away.

Powerful Features to Protect and Support

  • Identity Protection
  • Network & Device Protection
  • Cyber Defense Checkups
  • Tech Support Services
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Security Alerts & Updates

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