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Human Resources and Employee Group Travel & Lifestyle Benefit Program

Employee Group How it works

Employee Groups Travel benefits Program

How this works?

Providing travel benefits as an additional employment benefit, or as a pay-in option for interested employees, can help improve both employee retention and morale. The travel benefit/club framework creates an additional level of employee-employer engagement and can add a compelling differentiation to a traditional employment benefits package.

Employee Groups Travel benefits Program

Who is this for?

Custom Travel Solutions offers a unique White Label Travel & Lifestyle Benefit Platform to Employers, Employee Groups, H.R. Managers, Benefits Service Providers, Benefit Consultants, Employee Wellbeing Programs, H.R. Firms, Benefits Brokers, H.R. Consultants, and more.

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Custom Travel Solutions

What We Offer?

Our Employee Travel & Lifestyle Benefit Platform provides employees access to an extensive supply of travel and lifestyle benefits otherwise prohibitive to the individual traveler, creating value and loyalty that promote recurring engagement and employee retention. Our clients offer this benefit to their employees in the same way they offer vacation time, insurance, or any other standard employee benefit.

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Custom Travel Solutions is a leading provider of private-labeled travel club software. Our core product is a fully customized and branded Private-Labeled Travel Club Platform.

    Offer travel and lifestyle benefits to employees as a reward for performance.

    travel & lifestyle benefits

    • With minimum effort, you can offer this unique Privately Branded, White Label Travel & Lifestyle Benefit Platform to your current employees and, perhaps more importantly, to enhance the recruitment of prospective employees.

    • Every time your employees use your branded travel site to book a family vacation or that needed weekend getaway, they save money and time.

    • Beyond that, adding something as unique as a Travel & Lifestyle Program to your compensation packages can put your company way ahead of others in competition for recruiting qualified personnel.

    Benefits we offer for your members

    The platform-as-a-service is fully customizable to your brand guide and culture and includes the entire range of Custom Travel Solutions’ offerings: members-only hotel pricing, access to valuable lifestyle and travel benefits, booking engine functionality, membership management, affiliate management, fulfillment, and 24/7 customer service, reporting, and API access. Each of these components can be offered separately as a business service or mixed and matched to meet clients’ specific needs.

    Cash Back Rewards

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