Better turnaround time on passports and visas are always handy, and a central place to take care of fees & information is just added value for your brand. Especially in a time when travel rules are particularly confusing due to Covid-19.

If you just need to see if your travel plans will require a Visa, please click here to see. If you have more complicated travel plans, or perhaps you have questions related to residency status or more exotic locales, then it might be wise to check in with our partners at fast-pass-visa-passport to check.

While savings vary by the complexity of the service required, Members will save up 40% off of normal service and processing fees. Bear in mind that this does not include any Government imposed fees. Included services:

  • Passport applications – need a Passport? Lost your Passport? Your Passport application will be professionally managed from start to finish, no worries, no hassle, no missed Travel plans!
  • Do you need a Visa? – Regulations and Government requirements change constantly, don’t be in the dark, or worse be denied boarding! Professional experts can review your specific requirements and obtain the right visa for your specific Travel plans.
  • Know the latest information – get the latest Travel information and recommendations before you plan, or book your travel. Weather, immunization, Embassies, currency and more!