Hotel Rewards

Offer your members a SoftCash travel rewards program

Points or rewards every time they book!


Allow your members to utilize hotel credits to make their vacation go even further. Maybe they want to stay in that expensive 5-star resort but only want to pay the price of a 3-star! Using their hotel credits or rewards, they can buy their way up to luxury or help them extend the stay for an extra day or two. As members, they can earn and redeem points at thousands of hotels and gain exclusive benefits such as complimentary in-room internet, member rates, mobile keys, no blackout dates, instant redemption on food and beverages, and more. 

Loyalty is imperative for Travel Clubs

Companies throughout the nation are now utilizing loyalty programs more often than ever before. These organizations understand the importance of retaining existing customers and choose to implement a system directed specifically at building customer loyalty. 

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Boost Your Growth

Each type of loyalty program can yield different results. Still, as a travel club, you should never overlook the fact that loyalty programs have been tested time and time again and have proven to be hugely successful in the travel industry.

Boost Your Reputation

Loyalty programs serve a dual function: incentivizing new members to stick around after booking and ensuring that existing loyal members still feel like your travel club values them.

Boost your Sales

Customers appreciate loyalty programs because they provide added incentives for making a purchase, and often rewards will increase with more purchases, creating excitement and a desire to earn more rewards.

Rewards make members happy!

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By implementing a loyalty rewards program, you send a message to your current and future member base that you are interested in building a long-lasting business relationship. Once you have a rewards program set up, it effectively becomes a self-sustaining machine due to its cyclical nature: the more a member or employee purchases, the more rewards they receive, inspiring them to continue purchasing.

Other Member Benefits

Cash Back Rewards

Will change how your members or employees shop forever!

Member’s Cruise Rates

Best cruise rates in the industry, on the best cruise lines!

Daily Discounts

Access to America’s largest discount network!

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