Travel Technology Solutions


Employee Groups

Offer travel and lifestyle benefits for your employees as a reward for performance.

Providing travel benefits as an additional employment benefit, or as a pay-in option for interested employees can help improve both employee retention and morale. The travel benefit/club framework creates an additional level of employee-employer engagement and can add a compelling differentiation to a traditional employment benefit package.

Alumni Clubs

Augment the value of membership in an alumni club with exclusive travel and lifestyle benefits.

Alumni clubs can offer their members (graduates of the educational institution) access to exclusive travel and lifestyle benefits either as a value-add to a higher tier of membership or as a standalone option designed to drive additional membership revenue or dues.  These benefits deliver value to participating members and reinforce their ongoing affinity to the educational institution. 


To stay competitive, airlines need to increase ancillary revenue from non-airfare purchases, and keep passengers engaged with their brand beyond the flight.

The travel benefits platform can improve the value proposition of existing frequent flyer programs, drive additional revenue, and create value for airlines’ customers.  Additional business services from Custom Travel Solutions – including members-only hotel inventory and API access – are also relevant to airlines as they strive to increase ancillary revenue across different channels. 

Shared-interest Clubs (Auto, Boating, Team/Sport, etc.)

Promote recurring engagement and retention for your shared-interest club members.

With Custom Travel Solutions, shared-interest clubs (auto clubs, fan clubs, etc.) can easily offer their members or staff access to an extensive supply of travel and lifestyle benefits otherwise prohibitive to the individual traveler, creating value and loyalty that promote recurring engagement and retention. Custom Travel Solutions’ travel benefits/club platform can also be leveraged to create additional membership tiers, boosting membership revenue or dues. 

Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Institutions
strategic travel marketing

Creating value for both consumers and the financial institutions that serve them.

Custom Travel Solutions delivers new revenue and brand loyalty to banks, credit unions and other financial institutions by providing high-value, members-only travel and lifestyle benefits to their customers.  Because banks typically enjoy long-term relationships with key retail clientele – and credit unions with industry-based membership – the Custom Travel Solutions travel benefit/club offering can deepen these relationships and open new revenue streams from these recurring customers. The travel benefit/club solution can also function as an attractive incentive for new account creation, or as a way to enhance existing accountholder benefits to the level (and beyond) of competing premium cardholder benefits.

Cruise Operators

Keep passengers engaged throughout their journey.

Custom Travel Solutions’ travel benefit/club offering can help cruise operators capture new revenue from cruise-adjacent travel purchases, and keep passengers engaged with the brand before, during and after the cruise. The travel benefits platform can drive additional revenue, deepen the brand relationship between the cruise passenger and the brand, and create value for passengers. Additional business services from Custom Travel Solutions – including fulfillment services, members-only hotel inventory, and API access – are also valuable tools for cruise operators as they seek to supplement their core fare revenue. 


Travel benefits allow retail brands to inspire loyalty.

For retailers, a strong loyalty program is often the key to sustained revenue and customer engagement. As such, ensuring that loyalty initiatives offer real value to customers, feature differentiated incentives and provide branded interactions beyond the point of sale is a significant competitive advantage. 

With Custom Travel Solutions, retailers can easily offer their customers access to an extensive supply of travel and lifestyle benefits, creating value and brand loyalty that promote recurring engagement and revenue growth. The travel club concept can also be leveraged to drive additional revenue to retailers through membership fees while retaining the retailer’s brand essence. 

corporate travel

Promote engagement among a large base of subscribers or customers.

Media organizations and publishers reach a sizeable community of readers, subscribers and customers, and could easily strengthen the interaction they have with their audience through a branded travel benefits platform. They can also monetize their customer base with a branded travel club, opening a new revenue stream beyond subscriptions and advertising. 

Custom Travel Solutions’ benefits platform is tailored to the client’s brand, reinforcing loyalty and creating an additional consumer touchpoint while delivering value to the end user.

Concierge/Lifestyle Programs

Augment your existing concierge and lifestyle programs or have a set of benefits that serve as a standalone club-like program.

For concierge and lifestyle programs, offering members-only hotel rates and exclusive high-value benefits in one turnkey package eliminates the need to source individual travel benefits or develop a comprehensive travel benefits offering in-house. With a comprehensive back-end and customer support, Custom Travel Solutions can also supplement or augment existing service levels for these programs.  

Trade/Professional Associations

Offer your members or staff access to an extensive supply of travel and lifestyle benefits.

Create value and loyalty that promote recurring engagement and retention in your trade or professional association.  Leverage the travel benefits/club platform to create additional membership tiers, boosting membership revenue or dues and overall participation. 

Multi-level Marketing (MLM)/Network Marketing Organizations
Loyalty Programs

The travel benefit/club platform allows network marketing or MLM organizations to improve their offer, or can function as a customized, ready-to-sell product.

The travel benefit/club platform is brand-matched to the organization, providing a turnkey point of entry into the travel club market for MLM and network marketers.  Custom Travel Solutions has years of experience servicing direct sales companies, and has honed this club platform to meet the unique needs of the sector 

The club platform is also an attractive product for recruitment and sales and can be used to create different tiers of benefits, or as an earning threshold or reward for achieved goals. The Custom Travel Solutions white-label club option has also proven to be highly effective in this market. 

Timeshare Companies
Banks & Credit Card Companies

Improving the offer for timeshare companies.

Custom Travel Solutions provides timeshare companies with a travel and lifestyle benefits platform that supercharges their vacation club ancillary offering.  With a broad range of relevant, exclusive benefits that deliver real value to the end user, as well as a customizable, branded platform that encourages engagement and fosters loyalty year-round, Custom Travel Solutions’ travel club/benefit program is the perfect complement to any timeshare company’s core product.  As such, the Custom Travel Solutions platform helps timeshare operators improve their selling proposition and ultimately drive revenue.