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Loyalty Program For Media And Publishers


The current era in the publishing industry is witnessing a huge shift from the ‘product economy’ to the ‘subscription economy’. Membership offered with exclusive benefits is an opportunity to reward customers for their loyalty and increase revenue.

In the media and publishing industry, the subscription models have become more apparent. There is a dire need to evolve these subscriptions models in the new business environment. Custom Travel Solutions helps media and publishing houses to build brand loyalty and strengthen relationship through the branded travel benefits platform.

The benefits are exclusively for the members or subscribers and tailored to perfection as per the brand and its members. The benefits can be utilized to attract prospective customers by adding value beyond the content that the publishing brand has to offer. The member-only rewards and offers will encourage more people to subscribe and buy as soon as possible.

The travel and lifestyle benefits will generate ancillary revenue for the brands and at the same time promote engagement with a large subscriber base through its travel rewards platform. The brands can identify and market additional customer touchpoints by analyzing their personal data. The travel club benefits will help you serve your customers better using predictive analysis of their shopping behavior. This will help the media brands to add differentiation to their content and segment their rewards accordingly across a wide range of consumers.

The current era is dominated by millennials who love to travel for various reasons such as leisure, blesiure, adventure getaway, experiential vacations and so on. They have become a force in the travel industry who like to travel, create content on social media and stay inspired in the process. The media organizations and publishers can acquire more of such high-value subscribers and readers by offering them travel benefits along with their subscriptions. They can become a one-stop distribution channel to cater all their needs for airlines, accommodation, car rentals and activities.

Here is why Custom Travel Solutions offers the best customer loyalty platform supporting the subscription economy for media organizations and publishing brands –

  • Acquire high-value subscribers using exclusive travel rewards
  • Complimentary upgrades on travel and added perks
  • Lifestyle privileges
  • Seamlessly integrate travel club benefits
  • Analytics to serve subscribers better
  • Identifying customer touchpoints across digital channels
  • Marketing initiatives to increase conversion and revenue
  • Mobile integration to let the subscribers engage anywhere, anytime
  • 24X7 customer support
  • Increase the lifetime value of the customer