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How It Works

At Custom Travel Solutions, we understand the importance of vacationing with your loved ones. And we know your members want to browse through lots of available options. Whether they will be staying at a destination resort or an amazing condo, your club platform will be able to offer beachside escapes, mountain retreats, and everything in between.

We are committed to giving your members one-of-a-kind vacation experiences they will love, trust and remember for a lifetime. When your members are ready for that well-deserved vacation, we’ll be prepared to welcome them.

What We Offer

Our vacation rental programs provide rock bottom rates for unused weeks at stunning condos, villas, and destination resorts worldwide and not available to the general public! Members can choose from one-bedroom, two-bedroom, kitchens, indoor pool units, and so much more. All available for weekly rentals and obtainable for as low as $10/night! Start letting your members book their next adventure today!


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