Multi-Language & Currency Member Support

Conduct business in the language and currency of your countries of choice!

Drive Results and Build Brand Loyalty


At Custom Travel Solutions, we believe that companies can maintain thriving Travel & Lifestyle Benefits Programs by understanding what members or employees appreciate. We help by making an intuitive travel platform that drives results and creates engaging experiences for your members, no matter their language or currency preferences.

We empower your private brand to become truly customer-centric by providing a fully private branded website and associated apps. Our technology is designed to encourage members to interact in the language of their choice and make purchases with the currency they prefer. By giving customers precisely what they need, business owners not only gain brand loyalty but increase member retention as well.

Staying Relevant in the Future of Travel

The travel industry can be overwhelming, unpredictable, ever-changing, and advances faster than ever. So, how do you ensure that your travel club platform stays relevant? How do you stay ahead and remain profitable in the future of travel?

At Custom Travel Solutions we have all the answers!


Create an Impactful Customer Experience


Our robust multi-language and currency integrations give your members a complete and actionable understanding of the entire travel booking experience while effortlessly conforming to their language and currency preference. As a result, companies can improve the business impact of their customer experience and ultimately increase member engagement and revenue.

No matter what language, no matter what currency, Custom Travel Solutions Multi-Language, and Currency Member Support can make your members booking experience better by empowering businesses like yours to put their customers at the center of their approach.

Other Member Benefits

Cash Back Rewards

Will change how your members or employees shop forever!

Member’s Cruise Rates

Best cruise rates in the industry, on the best cruise lines!

Daily Discounts

Access to America’s largest discount network!

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Custom Travel Solutions is a leading provider of private-labeled travel club software. Our core product is a fully customized and branded Private-Labeled Travel Club Platform.

  • We have been building travel businesses and technologies that enable companies and organizations around the world to drive sales and boost loyalty.
  • Our combined industry expertise, technology capabilities, and extensive relationship network provide companies with the ability to offer a comprehensive set of elite members-only travel and lifestyle benefits to their customers through one easy-to-use platform.
  • Above all, our goal is to help our customers build, deploy, and operate successful travel membership programs that increase retention, loyalty, and, ultimately, revenues.