In the wake of closings, cancellations, and vast uncertainty due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we believe it’s a better time than ever to be a travel club member and reap the benefits that come with memberships regarding information and communication.

Trust Through Assurance

After extensive market research, we came to know that one of the four pillars of confidence that members are seeking in a travel club is assurance.

Due to the current mass of information through media, response teams, and local officials, it is vitally important that the correct updates are communicated to travelers. Understanding protocols helps businesses, and communities as a whole to ensure there is less panic.

One way that we at Custom Travel Solutions provide assurance to our clients’ members is through our 24/7 Member Support Specialists. This benefit allows our client’s members to call in and get updates on their cruises, flights, travel updates, and more so that they can best prepare for upcoming trips. As well as how travel brands are responding to the virus spread. Our agents are more than order-takers, they are advocates for the members, reaching out to suppliers on their behalf.  As it relates to the current pandemic, our member support specialists are proactively contacting our client’s members to update them and provide them options.

As information and updates continue to roll in daily, even hourly, it is important that your travel club has the staff to ensure members are taken care of and assisted in adapting to the changes that affect them. In such uncertain times, being a member of a travel club can be a great way to have peace-of-mind that you will not be stranded or allowed to travel in a way or mode that may be affected soon.

A Range of Ways to Help

In these uncertain times, it can be overwhelming when various and conflicting reports are being shown to our communities around the clock. As a travel club member, our client’s members will have the professionalism of trusted travel agents and industry professionals that know how to weed through information that is not helpful, and assist using real updates and information. This can be particularly important when having to make quick decisions that have huge outcomes such as returning home, cancelling trips, or spending money to alter travel. Custom Travel Solutions values service and understands the power of information sharing in a world where uncertainty reigns.

Along with the 24×7 Member Support Specialists to help with travel interruptions, our Personal Concierge service can guide members to help make their current lives a little easier and consolidate information and updates into on convenient place. Our current state of affairs may require an extra set of eyes and ears for some members, and this service allows just that in times of need.

For those that are traveling and want to make sure they are safe, our Doc-In-A-Suitcase benefit is another great example of why a travel club can provide benefits and assurance no matter the situation. If you or your group needs assurance that all is well and you can avoid medical facilities and overcrowding, benefits like these are crucial in times where knowledge provides peace-of-mind. Furthermore, if a member does become ill and requires evacuation but wants to avoid crowded areas, benefits like a Private Medi-Jet service offered through Custom Travel Solutions platform are a great way to ensure members are escorted to safety in a secure, safe, and budget friendly way. Members may not expect medical care and high-touch customer service from a place they get travel benefits from. This is just one way we help brands take their relationships and connections further with their members. Our clients can provide a huge advantage to staying ahead, staying safe, and remaining calm amongst all the information.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help your business and give members more in times of trouble and peace, contact us today and learn about our award-winning platforms and how they fit into your model. Call us at 864-610-1943 or email us at info@customtravelsolutions.com.


2020 has thrown many obstacles into business plans and brand identities around the world. The unprecedented consequences of COVID-19 have left brands scrambling for ways to boost revenue, diversify their offerings, and find creative ways to keep their business moving forward.

As a part of the travel industry, we braced for impact at the beginning of the year and walked into the unknown like so many others. We are now halfway through the year and are reflecting on some surprising revelations we have realized recently. We had no idea what to expect when travel shut down, and yet we find ourselves starting the second half of the year with a load of brands ready to take advantage of travel demand and trust our products to do so. How has this happened? As a provider of travel clubs and benefits, we are in a unique position to help brands diversify, boost, and evolve their businesses to meet demands and be flexible in how they do so, even if they are not a traditionally travel-focused brand.

We’ve boiled down our revelations into three main areas:

A Desire for Assurance & Loyalty: members of our clients know the security they have with their membership and do not mind the cost in comparison to the benefits, savings, and security they receive. They know they will travel again and they know there is so much to take advantage of. At Custom Travel Solutions, we offer benefits like Doc-In-A-Suitcase, Private Medi-Jet, and more that allow our clients end users to feel safe and rest assured while traveling, especially when a pandemic is front of mind.

Preparing Business For the Future: businesses recognize they can take advantage of huge demand, and get in on a dip in what will be a huge investment. We have had conversations with various companies around the world, from those looking to boost loyalty offerings to realizing travel demand is a great way to diversify their business and prepare new revenue to boost what may have been Q1 and Q2 hits. We pride ourselves on having a very flexible set of products and benefits that can benefit many different brands across many different industries. If you are offering a membership opportunity, a travel club could be a great fit for you.

Industry Interest: You may be one of the thousands and thousands of businesses that are looking for answers or ideas on how to boost sales, boost loyalty, and freshen up your business while you have time to research. We have found there is a lot of unknown about the travel industry and how easy it is for brands of many varieties to get skin in the game. We love being able to introduce brands to travel solutions that fit their needs and diversify their offerings.

We have been in this business for over 30 years, and I have seen tragedies and obstacles thrown into this space and the renaissance that occurs afterward every time. At Custom Travel Solutions, we provide value, access, and assurance to give our clients and their end members confidence in these platforms. Are you next? Have we hit a point that you’ve thought yourself? Reach out to us today and let’s have a conversation. We are not in the business of a boxed up product, we want to work directly with you and your specific situation.

We look forward to a very profitable and powerful second half of the year and would love you to bring along with us.