Travel Industry Consulting Services

Consulting Services


Custom Travel Solutions leverages its decades of experience in multi-disciplined consulting, executive recruiting, distribution strategy and marketing strategy to provide their advanced travel expertise to online travel and search companies of all sizes, creating travel solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique business needs. Consulting services include technical services such as custom development, and business services such as industry introductions, airline negotiations, corporate travel auditing, strategic travel marketing and brand evaluation, hotel distribution, travel agency enrichment and international listing, sales and service consultation, and affiliate management services.


Travel Fulfillment Services

This service provides travel fulfillment to many international travel companies. TTC offers a range of services in Technology and Supplier Relations by providing strategic planning, architecture, configuration and vendor recommendation.

Merger and Acquisitions

Travel Team Consulting has brought together sellers with motivated buyers of travel related company for over 27 years.  From small niche’ players to multi-national companies, Travel Team Consulting will help you position, define, your company to our portfolio of buyers.

Temporary Executive Roles

Our temporary travel executives offers the support and services required by business from start ups to well-established travel enterprises.TTC’s temporary travel executives work with you to help your team create and operate ideal business models.

Industry Introductions

Whether it’s a new travel related product, a new service, technology or a process, our team can rally behind your cause and get it front of decision makers. Contact us today if you have an idea that needs validating or to make sure it is the next greatest thing.

Travel Consultancy

Our experienced group of travel industry veterans will gladly engage, to bring about the highest success rate possible.  Our years of experience will help elevate your product to be presented to the right the audience, with the right presentation.

Executive Travel Recruitment

Our executive travel recruitment offering is comprised of leading global professionals who offer clients an understanding of their needs inside and out. It is an ability that can be gained only from extensive training and experience, and it allows Travel Team Consulting to place executives with the ideal background, experiences and concept effectively.

Brand Evaluation

TTC utilizes the Branding and Strategic Marketing process that sects the specific areas that require more emphasis. Preparing an analysis and planning of a new format will assist with the development and assessment of the steps forward.

Airline Negotiations

Our dedicated and experienced team will show you how to earn airline commissions despite the zero commission environment that travel agencies have been forced to accept over the past decade. Travel Team Consulting will also tell you about the numerous fees and commissions that you can earn for services that you are probably doing free.

Corporate Travel Auditing

Travel Team Consulting will perform an unbiased third party detailed investigations and analysis of every aspect of your travel program to identify problem areas, travel policies, procurement process, what credit cards they utilize and how they are billed.

Strategic Travel Marketing

Being multi- disciplined consultants; we provide a host of consulting strategic travel marketing solutions for different industries in the travel sector and customize them as per each organization’s requirements. With our team of experts at your service, we assure you that we provide the best resolution to your travel business concerns with a fresh and new approach.

Travel Booking Engine Consulting

Our temporary travel executives offers the support and services required by business from start ups to well-established travel enterprises.TTC’s temporary travel executives work with you to help your team create and operate ideal business models.

Hotel Distribution

If you are an independent hotel owner or have a small-chain of hotels, you must be facing lots of problems related to hotel distribution.With Travel Team Consulting, hotel distribution can become really easy for you. Our travel marketing solutions can be very helpful for your business.

Travel Agency Enrichment Program

TRAVEL TEAM CONSULTING is pleased to offer it’s newest product for the small to mid-sized travel agency. Learn the secrets of making more money on every sale from someone with over 40 years experience in the travel and airline industry.

Sales and Service Correction

Our consultants can help you transform your staff into a team of polished travel influencers ready to make authentic connections with your clients for measurable bottom line results.

International Travel Agency Listing

Our experts can help your travel agency considered for international listing. Provide us your details to get internationally recognized.