HostSuite Agency Platform

HostSuite Agency Platform

Allow your network of travel agents to use our elite travel booking platforms & benefits, all branded under your company. Discover new revenue through our revenue share ability and take control of your platform with our agent management function.  

How It Works:

As the owner, our platform allows you to load up your agents with elite travel benefits.  By doing so, your agents will have access to our exclusive content through a world-class travel platform. Our platform contains over 1.8 MM hotels available at wholesale pricing. Also included, a flight engine that not only contains GDS inventory from Amadeus (the world’s largest GDS) but also wholesale rates from over 70 consolidators around the world.  In addition our flight engine also has access to 200+ low cost carriers globally. Give your agents the selling power of elite travel with our massive inventory of hotels, flights, cars, cruises, and more.

Your agents are paid commissions set by you, the Super Admin, as well as have access to a full agent platform that allows them to track bookings, contact information, credits, commission status, and apply their own markups. 

A Full Management Suite:

Take a 360 degree view of your agency with a full suite of management capabilities. Approve & add new agents, track all bookings and agent activity through your portal, and edit commissions to agents all in one place. You will have the power to change the type and amount of markups for your inventory and how the agents see the pricing.

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