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Private Labeled Travel Club

Private-Labeled Travel Club

Custom Travel Solutions is a leading provider of private-labeled travel club software. Our core product is a fully customized and branded Private-Labeled Travel Club Platform.


Benefits for Your Brand

Best Travel Technology

Our Private-Labeled Travel Club platform leverages our proprietary travel technology, as well as our booking and fulfillment capabilities to bring our clients a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Our new generation of hotel engine has made search times faster, as well as geographical searching easier with polygon search technology that more accurately reflects hotels closer to the original search area, and more options for defined areas instead of a broad diameter. 


Travel Club Labeled with Your Brand

This platform is fully designed using your brand name and image, enabling end users to recognize your brand, while encouraging them to be loyal club members. Unlike other companies, you are not just selling a blanket of products, but building your own travel service that best fits your customer base, and having your brand seamlessly incorporated so that you gain the brand recognition and recall.


High-Touch Customer Service

With this program, we combine high-touch customer service while fully automating all membership management and travel fulfillment functionality, providing our clients with an elite full-service experience. Like your platform, your customer service line will answer under your brand and give your customers peace of mind they are speaking with professionals. 


Fully Automated Platform

This platform enables clients to manage the entire customer life-cycle through its membership management feature, and the travel club platform allows for full automation of enrollments, cancellations, recurring billing and subscription management, payment processing, and reporting. We handle the technology, so you can grow your brand with expert marketing.


Benefits For Your Members

Custom Travel Solutions’ integrated platform also offers end users access to a vast network of high-value travel and lifestyle perks at prices available only to members. These benefits include:

  • Enhanced Hotel Offers
  • 24×7 Premier Travel Agent Assistance
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Daily Lifestyle Discounts
  • Doc-in-a-Suitcase
  • Fast Pass Visa & Passport
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Luxury Travel Marketplace
  • Member’s Cruise Rates
  • Multi-Language Member Support
  • On-line physician service
  • Personal Assistant/Concierge
  • Private Medi-Jet Service
  • Roadside assistance
  • Seat Alert & Frequent Flyer Flight Alert
  • Vacation Rental Deals
  • Virtual Currency Program
  • Engage Experiences



A travel club can positively transform the value of your loyalty programs. Complete the fields on the right, and we’ll produce a report showing you exactly how a travel club can take your loyalty program to a whole new level.

Total Net Revenue Potential For a Year

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Select the design for your travel club portal

Need a turn-key solution? Custom Travel Solutions can provide you with a well-designed travel club portal to host the provided member benefits.


Customize the travel benefits for your members

With our world-wide network of travel benefits, we can customize a solution that meets your needs, budget and customer expectations.


Launch your travel club

Once you have selected the design of the travel club portal & customized the travel benefits as per your membership requirements, you are ready to launch & run your own travel club.


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With our world-wide network of benefits, we can customize a solution that meets your needs, budget and customer expectations. We continually scour the globe in search of the best benefits in collaboration with A+ partners.


Enhanced Hotel Offers

Member’s Only rates that give you access to over 1.8 million hotels around the world at 35-70% off of the rates that you will find online. This discount is not off the highest rate, but off of the best available rates you could find online, including OTA’s like Expedia, or the hotels website directly.

Vacation Rental Deals

Members enjoy exclusive access to amazing savings from vacation rentals around the world. How special? How about a 7-nights stay for 4 people, all-Inclusive, for less than $4.00 per person per day?

Personal Assistant

Our 24/7 Personal Assistant program serves as your private Concierge service and delivers locally relevant results, informed recommendations and provides personal services in a way that makes you the star.

Airport Lounge Access

Members enjoy access to free cocktails (at most locations), Wi-Fi and a host of other VIP amenities, at any of the 1,300+ Airport Lounges worldwide with their included year-round Airport Lounge Access Pass membership. Enjoy soothing, quiet, yet connected spaces to relax or work in.