Softcash-The future of loyalty programs

SoftCash- The Future of Loyalty Programs

Softcash - The Future of Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty is essential for businesses of all sizes and maturity levels. Loyalty programs offer start-ups and mature businesses alike the ability to attract and onboard prospects and engage and retain loyal customers. The SoftCash Reward program helps companies engage with customers, deliver unique and exciting rewards and reinforce the bond between the customer and your brand.

The time has arrived to get your business on the right track.

The SoftCash Difference

With the SoftCash Travel Rewards Program, companies of all types can now offer aspirational, exclusive travel rewards to their customers. Loyalty Programs that offer discounts, points and cash back have their place but a loyalty program that can help your customers realize their travel dreams will engender deep customer devotion.

Customers earn points through activities relevant to your business.

Redeem points in the best member-only market place.

Our refer and earn feature puts your customers to work to help you acquire new customers

Our technical experts are always there to help you set up the program for the best outcome. 

100% control on the points value provided to your customers

Engage customers with updates regarding rewards points and their expiry dates. 

Earn rewards on signups
Rewards for Signups

Rewarding customers before they even purchase demonstrates how much you value them from the start.


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Refer a friend and earn rewards
Refer A Friend

Happy customers make the best spokespeople. Rewarding referrals incentivizes your customers to do the heavy lifting of customer acquisition on your behalf.


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Share on social media and earn rewards
Sharing on Social Media

Offer rewards to your customers for sharing your deals and news on social media.


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The SoftCash Rewards Program is tailored to your company and its goals. By customizing the rules, the program drives customer activities crucial to your business strategy.

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