Softcash-The future of loyalty programs

SoftCash – The Future of Loyalty Programs

Hotel Rewards

Hotel Rewards is an end to end reward system intended to put the power of consumer engagement and loyalty rewards at your fingertips. This cost-effective, fully integrated, quick to market solution allows you to reward engagement and brand recognition with real value in the form of hotel credit points that are redeemable around the globe. Custom Travel Solutions acts as the vault, and you are able to take credits to distribute and award as needed, all at pennies on the dollar. Hotel Rewards is a simple-to-use platform that gives your brand the ability to increase user lifespan and solidify quality engagement.

How Does It Work? 

As a feature of your loyalty program platform, you will be able to purchase credits to distribute to members: engage new members with an entry allotment, reward loyalty and allow users to earn credits, or give credits for every month a client stays with your company. 

Users will see their real time credit bank on your site, allowing them to plan ahead and see how they are being rewarded. Our engine also allows users to see how their bank of credits can save them money on various hotels and how it compares to what they would pay on the larger online booking companies. As a custom branded platform, this boosts your company’s brand recognition in the eyes of your users, allowing them recognize real savings through your brand.


Where Do I Get The Most Value?

You have the power of loyalty rewards right in your hands. You are able to engage your users in real time and show them the power of loyalty and what they mean to your business. Choose how you reward, when you reward, and give users the ability to choose where they use those credits as they plan their next trip. Where most rewards programs will charge nearly dollar-for-dollar for these types of credits, we keep this as a cost effective solution for you by providing this credits at pennies on the dollar. We have already seen clients customers behavior change when they are presented with the opportunity to earn credits and see their loyalty rewarded. 
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The sales team at Custom Travel Solutions can simplify your business operations and set you up for Hotel Rewards Program that aspires to work for your users and your business. As with all Custom Travel Solutions programs, Hotel Rewards is backed with the support of live, dedicated travel professionals 24/7.