TrackBack Travel Rewards

TrackBack Travel Rewards

Designed to be a three-pronged win for your brand, the TrackBack Travel Rewards program allow your members to share their benefits with the power of a simple, sharable link. Your members will receive unique codes that provide hotel rewards for a limited window of time to outside non-members. Then, the non-member is able to use these points to buy down eligible brand name and low-cost hotels around the world, all while you and your member earn through a revenue share program.


How You Win:

You and your club win with this program in 3 main areas. Your members are able to refer non-members, giving your brand a boost in awareness. The program is designed around giving members incentives to distribute hotel rewards, so your revenue does not take a hit. Finally, when the non-members book, you and the referring member see additional revenue from the bookings through our revenue share program.

With the TrackBack Travel Rewards Program, you see value through: 

Appeal to new users through referral links & savings potential

Distribute hotel rewards credits without fear of limiting budget

Discover new revenue & brand engagement from non-member bookings

How It Works

TrackBack Travel Rewards is a simple to use platform, with powerful potential.

  • Members of your club will have a portal they can input guest names & information to create a temporary account, choosing to give access for 7, 14, or 21 days to create a sense of urgency and promote immediate engagement.
  • Non-Members will receive an email with their temporary login, an access code, link to their platform, and instructions on the benefits and savings they have access to.
  • You will be able to track referral members in your client back office, as well as the referring member to incentivize further referrals, boost those with fewer referrals, or give out more access codes to those high engagement members.

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