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How to win customers and drive growth in the age of assistance

Today’s hyperconnected customers are glued to their devices. The need for constant connectivity is bringing some major cultural shifts along the way. Customers now expect to get what they want and brands who can offer the best assistance will certainly win.

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Powerful loyalty marketing strategies to outrank your competitors

Attracting and retaining customers is a continuous process but can be made easier thanks to the ever-growing technology and multi-faceted nature of loyalty programs. Last year, the travel industry accounted for direct spending of $2.7 billion a day which is roughly $31,400 a second, according to a report published by the US Travel Association. (Source) Take a look at this infographic generated by the U.S Travel Association to see the full economic impact of the travel industry.

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Tapping into loyalty data for smarter acquisitions

While implementing a loyalty program, retailers put the majority of their emphasis on cultivating current customer loyalty. However, expanding one’s customer base should not be overlooked. Fortunately, the digital age is all about data and marketers can inundate themselves with it. The challenge lies in using valuable data correctly and ultimately meet one’s business objectives.

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How the current digital revolution will ignite the travel industry

The future of travel technology looks very promising. New technologies like Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, and machine learning are revolutionizing the travel industry landscape and loyalty programs are no exception. It’s high time to explore long-term strategies and new distribution models to drive engagement and reinvigorate your travel brand in this intensely evolving travel ecosystem.

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Why travelers find tiered loyalty programs attractive

Planning and implementing a loyalty program correctly is the key to customer satisfaction and long-term engagement. A loyalty program that inspires greater fidelity in the ranks of its members can effectively boost engagement. A new retail study confirms that customers who feel emotionally connected with the brands have approximately 306% higher lifetime value and will recommend the brand at a much higher rate (71%). (Source)

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How does a loyalty program increase measurable revenue and profit?

Implementing an effective loyalty program is the most powerful way of retaining customers considering the ephemeral nature of customer loyalty. The ideology behind a customer loyalty program is simple – encourage repeat purchases and increase revenue. Most travel marketers abide by this basic yet powerful strategy of having an effective loyalty program in place in order to reduce the customer churn and expand their market share consistently.

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5 Things Marketers Can Learn From Innovations in Travel

From booking tickets at the counter to booking with a click, digitization has permeated the travel sector to assist in arranging the perfect vacation from start to end. The technology and innovations in the travel industry within the last decade led to the emergence of global megatrends where apps have become indispensable. Here are 5 megatrends in the travel industry to pay attention to and apply going forward.

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Travel Solutions
Omnichannel Customer Loyalty – How to reach and support more customers

As the old lesson goes, it costs more to acquire new customers than to retain old ones. Increasing customer retention by just 5 percent can increase your business profits by 25 to 95%. (Source) So, it makes sense to engage your customers at every touchpoint of their journey for building customer loyalty in a thriving enterprise.

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Help your customers to fulfill their travel dreams
From Boomers to Gen-Z – travel club trends that sell and target across generations

For travel loyalty business to continue in 2019, travel platforms need to understand the motivations and mindsets of travelers across generations. From baby boomers to Generation X, Millennials to Generation Z, each has their own unique relationship with travel. For any travel platform to be able to sell to these demographics, it needs to understand each group’s travel aspirations before effectively serving these travel-smitten generations.

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Travel Loyalty Club
Travel Loyalty Clubs: Understanding Earning, Value, & Redemption

The ability to save up miles through a travel loyalty club is what gets millions of budget-conscious travelers enrolled in them. Many will admit that it is much easier to focus on saving for their next vacation when they receive points or earn miles every time they make a qualifying purchase. Being able to watch what their loyalty is going towards makes joining much more lucrative for a member However, there are still users tempted to join a loyalty club, only to find it fearfully complex. Blackout dates, tight restrictions or inability to understand their standing within the rewards platform may leave users wary of committing.

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Travel Club Loyalty Program
How to choose a travel loyalty program

A travel club or company’s loyalty rewards program is designed to foster closer relationships with their members. A successful loyalty program is based on the foundation of customers’ satisfaction; thus, companies seek more personalized engagement strategies based on individual needs. Before choosing an ideal customer loyalty program, here is a comprehensive checklist you can use to best evaluate how to get the most out of your selected program – Reward Usage – Does the reward program offer flexibility in usage? Or are its rules restrictive? No matter what type of rewards are promised to offer to lure the customers in, it is best to find out if those rewards are viable for your members travel goals.

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Ways to make the most of your travel rewards program
Ways to make the most of your travel rewards program – Shortcuts to loyalty

Most travelers count on loyalty programs to secure maximum benefits to get the most out of their travel. However, current loyalty and reward programs can be tough to rack up consistent points or miles if you are not familiar with the program. In fact, discount airline tickets or hotel stays actually begin to feel more elusive. Therefore, the first step is to become well acquainted with the ins and outs of the loyalty program and start collecting points or benefits like a pro. Here are the shortcuts to earn loyalty across travel reward programs you should know about –

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Top Loyalty Program Trends in 2019
Take Advantage Of These Top Loyalty Program Trends in 2019

There is no better time than now to take advantage of the ever so fruitful loyalty program arena. The last five years have been huge in evolution and trendsetting for the loyalty program market. We’ve looked at what’s coming down the pipeline in 2019 and have complied a list of the key trends to keep on eye on in 2019: • Incentives With Co-Branded Credit Cards – Co-branded credit cards continue to dominate the loyalty market in 2019.

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Travel perks for members
Travel Perks Beyond Frequent Flyer Points – Loyalty Program Member Benefits

Travel Perks Beyond Frequent Flyer Points – Loyalty Program Member Benefits The new age consumer’s attitude towards loyalty programs goes beyond points and miles. That’s largely due to the generational shift and growing clout to millennials who prioritize ‘rewarding experiences’ over frequent flyer points. This shift is backed up by research, finding that 78% of millennials prefer to spend on experiences rather than physical things. (Source)

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customer loyalty and retention
Engagement Driven Solutions to Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention

Getting a customer to develop lifetime loyalty is like hitting the jackpot in a loyalty program. Today more than ever, brands are focusing on repeat business as loyal customers keep the revenue flowing. A survey claims that loyal customers spend 67% more than new customers. In this fast-growing digital era, it is necessary to retrofit the traditional strategies of customer retention and employ engagement-driven solutions to keep the loyal customer base intact. Here are some of the best ways to increase customer loyalty and retention –

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Customer loyalty program to maximise retention
How to implement an innovative customer loyalty program to maximize retention

Loyalty programs are fast becoming the backbone of the retail marketing toolkit, aimed to increase revenue and maximize retention. Studies suggest that about 84% of customers like to stick to a brand offering a loyalty or reward program while 66% of those say that an innovative reward scheme influences their purchase behavior. (Source) Having a general loyalty program is not enough. Standing out in this world of choice requires more than just offering a good loyalty program. An innovative loyalty program implemented carefully while considering customers’ decision-making process has the ability to turn even a fickle fan into a loyal follower. So how do you implement a loyalty program effectively?

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AI in loyalty program
The future of AI in the making of a successful loyalty program

According to a Loyalty Census report of 2016, there are 3.8 billion members belonging to a loyalty program. (Source) With so many memberships, it becomes difficult to reach each and every customer through E-commerce. In such a challenging landscape, marketers can only rely on data and the use of artificial intelligence to boost brand affinity and conversion. The use of AI will not only transform member experience but also ensure that loyalty program delivers positive results for the brand. AI enables brands to create engaging experiences using deep learning which is just an advanced form of machine learning.

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Strategies for creating a creative loyalty program
Top Strategies For Creating A Creative Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs have witnessed a dramatic shift in recent years. They have evolved far beyond punch cards. For a vast majority of consumers, loyalty programs are a huge part of their shopping experience. While some will join to get exclusive discounts, others are simply loyal to get deeper and fuller discounts. Regardless, businesses that implement loyalty programs have to start coming up with new strategies to motivate ‘customer engagement’ and ‘brand advocacy.’ The key is to build a creative loyalty program that excites your target consumers. Here are the Top Customer Retention Strategies to mastering customer loyalty and creating brand advocates: Research Adequately Before implementing a loyalty program, do thorough research.

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Loyalty trends to implement
5 Loyalty Trends To Implement In 2019

In this age of endless choices, differentiation is paramount. In order to make your brand a success, you need a unique marketing plan. Retail marketing is no more a linear process. Some brands bank on a loyalty programs with heavy discounts and rewards, while others feel more comfortable building a connection with their existing customers and winning them over over time. Speaking of time, there is no better time to talk about upcoming loyalty trends than now. Let us take a look at the top upcoming customer loyalty trends: Incentivized Referrals Through ‘Word of Mouth’ Marketing Did you know that, “…only 29% of satisfied customers [will] refer your brand to others” (Source).

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Innovation shaping the digital loyalty market
How Innovation Shapes The Digital Loyalty Market

In this age of digitization, businesses are seeking a competitive edge to deliver a seamless experience. In a sea of game-changing tech tools, anything goes viral these days. It is crucial for marketers to keep a close eye on the new trends that could potentially change the digital landscape. Recent market research shows that by 2020, product and price will no longer be the key differentiators for brands, so much as customer experience! Customer experience directly impacts business growth and helps a brand stand out from the rest, especially since “42% of retail customers in the US won’t…shop again from a brand after two bad experiences” (Source).

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Evolve your business through customer retention
How A Travel Club Retains Customers & Evolves Your Business

What is the major difference between a company that continues to grow and a company that doesn’t? Customer Retention! While it is tempting to want to devout lots of your company’s resources to growing new business and attracting new customers, the key to success often rests on your company’s ability to champion customer satisfaction and customer retention. Investing in customer retention strategies makes customers happy, which can result in a greater ROI. Consider the following statistics: “Selling to an existing customer is 6-7 times cheaper” (Source).

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Increase your brand equity with loyalty travel club
Elevate Your Brand In Your Customer’s Eyes – How A Loyalty Travel Club Increases Brand Equity

To be frank, positive brand equity positively impacts customer loyalty! The perception that customers form about a brand is where the power of branding lies. Brands that put their attention and energy into how a customer perceives their brand are what will allow a brand to occupy a larger space in the market. As the story goes, the larger your brand gets, the more opinions and expectations will fall upon your brand. Is your travel brand ready to operate in a larger space?

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Improving Customer Acquisition Strategy With A Loyalty Travel Club

Did you know, that a business could save more money by investing in a loyalty program than prospecting for new customers? “Existing [loyal] customers are spending 67% more than new customers” (Source), and “it costs a business 5-25x more to acquire new customers than it does to sell or [create loyalty] to existing ones” (Source). Ergo, it is imperative to think about a customer correct acquisition strategy or plain and simple: Loyalty begets loyalty. Customer loyalty programs, like a travel club, pay for itself.

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Help your customers to fulfill their travel dreams
Keeping Your Best Customers Happy: Helping Them Fulfill Their Travel Dreams

Is it really enough that customers find your service appealing and price reasonable? The answer is no! What is the secret recipe for keeping your customers happy? What does a happy and satisfied customer look like? Satisfied customers are looking for an unforgettable experience and specialized services to fulfill their travel dreams. And loyalty is a whole different matter altogether. Customers today want the best deals, dynamic services and convenience while planning a journey.

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Loyalty Program for members
Launching a Loyalty Program is Easier than You Think

Loyalty programs can work wonders for your business without breaking the bank. Customer loyalty programs are a great way of adding value to customers and create long-term benefits for your business. For ages, loyalty programs have been nurturing the customer base for many businesses and keeping value-savvy customers engaged to earn repeat business. This is just the one piece of the big picture. Customers today are used to seeing rewards in various forms; the customer loyalty program is almost a necessity to stay ahead of the competition. All you need to figure out is what kind of incentive or reward program are you going to offer your customers.

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Virtual Currency Platform
Virtual Currency Platform

Custom Travel Solutions is proud to launch it’s new Virtual Currency/Rewards platform.  This has been in development for a little over a year, after two previous years of planning.  This platform is the culmination of over 100 years of travel experience, and understanding of what the market needs to fuel a successful travel eco-system. We built the framework very much open, where we can either utilize our own points bank or connect to our client’s reward system.  The platform contains an “earn” engine, as well as a “burn” engine.  In the middle we have and an FX function that allows us to reconcile to any currency, crypto or fiat.  Our FX function also allows our clients to create their own ratio for earning as well as burning. With our early launch partner, we are seeing significant conversion improvement, as well as, end consumer loyalty improvements. We would love the opportunity to show you how our new platform can help you with your loyalty strategy and improve overall revenue results.  

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The Partnership Effect – Improving member engagement and retention

A winning membership engagement strategy starts with careful planning. While all engagement strategies aim for a long-term goal of higher retention rate, starting off with short-term goals is the key to build it. Members are the backbone of any loyalty club, particularly the membership-based travel club. The partnership marketing team is responsible for building, nurturing and managing relationships with the members to ensure their needs are met. When done right, it can be incredibly rewarding and add tremendous value to the members. That being said, what exactly is the need for engagement, you might wonder? Michael J. Brennan offers a simple equation to understand engagement Engagement = Relationship + Action By leveraging the engagement touchpoints, the partnership marketing team can invent new ways to bring value to the members/ merchant partners.

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Travel API's for Travel Club
The Travel Club Option for Travel APIs

What are Travel APIs, and more importantly, how can they help your business grow and increase revenue? This blog will take a deeper dive into Travel APIs and how Custom Travel Solutions uses them to build and grow branded travel clubs for non-travel brands and organizations. Using Travel APIs to Grow Revenue and Loyalty The topic of Travel APIs may seem remote for those outside the B2B travel sector who are not familiar with the evolution of travel technology.

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Travel Clubs for the Millennial Traveler
Event Recap: Recording of Our Webinar with Travel Massive

In case you missed it, we just did a webinar with Travel Massive, the world’s biggest tourism industry community on the topic of Packaged Trips for the Millennial Traveler. For any travel brand that wants to better understand their Millennial customers’ travel preferences and how to convert more travel sales and drive loyalty among this demographic, a recording of the webinar can be found here – Packaged Trips for the Millennial Traveler. A huge thanks to Travel Massive for arranging the webinar and the Travel Massive community members who attended the discussion.

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Virtual Currency Rewards platform
Can a travel club improve loyalty for retail businesses?

Nurturing a loyal customer base will help your retail business to grow by boosting both revenue and profitability, given the fact that repeat consumers are likely to spend 60% more per transaction than the new ones. Obviously, this is easier said than done.

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Travel club for the millennial traveler
Travel Clubs for the Millennial Traveler : Join our Webinar with Travel Massive on 10/3

Custom Travel Solutions is partnering with Travel Massive, the world’s biggest tourism industry community, for a webinar on the topic of “Packaged Trips for the Millennial Traveler.” Are you interested in increasing revenue and loyalty for your travel brand? Click the link below and register to attend the webinar – if travel is your business, you won’t be disappointed. 

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Successful travel club
Successful Travel Club Examples

So the question arises – why travel clubs? The answer is simple. They are the future of the tourism industry, without a doubt. The stats and figures forecasted this fact and current trends have supported it.

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Member Engagement Marketing
Private Label Travel Clubs for Member Engagement Marketing

The ability to attract, acquire, engage and retain customers is key to any business, but especially those with a subscription-based business model. Subscription businesses may include co-brand credit cards, retail member clubs, timeshare destination clubs and other membership-based organizations such as employee groups and credit unions.

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Building your member engagement
Building member engagement with Travel Clubs

The travel industry is the one of the world’s largest, contributing over $7.6 trillion to the global economy in 2014. To tap this immense revenue opportunity, travel brands need to engage their customers effectively.

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Financial Services and Travel Clubs
Strengthening Travel Offerings for Financial Services

The importance of financial services to the travel industry cannot be overstated. Commercial and co-brand credit cards have helped both the travel suppliers (airlines, hotels), card companies (Visa, Amex), and issuing banks segment their common customers and understand consumer spending habits.

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Relevant API's for your business
How to Ensure Travel APIs Drive Everlasting Organizational Value

API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functions that are used to access certain applications. Therefore, a travel API features various kinds of travel deals, details, and services that can be accessed by third-party vendors.

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Travel Clubs for Media & Publishing Companies
Travel Clubs for Media & Publishing Companies

There is a growing need  for media and publishing companies  to find new   models  of  customer acquisition, retention and loyalty  for  the digital age.  Content   publishers and media managers  can tap into the “sharing economy ” and use value-adds, such as a  subscription  travel club, to add value to their own subscriptions and  turn more  lookers into subscribers, and subscribers into  loyal  customers. 

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Travel Clubs for Sport Tourists
The Benefits of Travel Clubs for Sport Tourists

The sport tourism industry serves a growing segment of consumers who travel for competitive sporting events (NASCAR, FIFA World Cup, NFL) and other sport-related attractions such as hall-of-fame museums, as well as for active sport tourism such as hiking, skiing and canoeing.

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Travel API's for Travel Club
The Travel Club Option for Travel APIs

What are Travel APIs, and more importantly, how can they help your business grow and increase revenue? This blog will take a deeper dive into Travel APIs and how Custom Travel Solutions uses them to build and grow branded travel clubs for non-travel brands and organizations.

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Travel Clubs and Loyalty Programs
Enhancing Retail Loyalty with Travel Clubs-as-a-Service

Have you ever asked yourself: What is a loyalty program? It seems like a simple question – after all, we all probably belong to at least one loyalty program, whether it takes the form of a frequent flyer program, co-brand credit card, member club or travel club (this last one, travel clubs, happen to be our specialty and you can learn more here).

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travel and lifestyle benefits
What are the travel and lifestyle benefits that resonate with retail customers?

Consumers like doing price checks, performing price comparisons, and comparing deals before finally hitting the ‘buy’ button. Thanks to promotional aggregators and daily deals, that process is easier than ever.

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Vacation Rentals for Travel Clubs
How Travel Clubs Will Be The Solution That Vacation Rentals are Looking For

What exactly is the reason for this sector’s boom in such a short span? Well, there are a number of reasons but the major one is its unique charm to the typical traveler. Vacation rentals are exceptionally different than the regular hotel establishments.

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Netflix and the Subscription Model for Travel Club
Netflix and the Subscription Model: How to Acquire & Retain Customers

Just a decade ago, Netflix was known primarily as the disruptor of Blockbuster and pioneer of online subscriptions for specific products or services (in this case DVD delivery, but there were also shaving clubs, travel clubs and so on). Around 2007, Netflix decided to keep its subscription model but made the wise decision to transition from DVDs to streaming content.

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Employee engagement strategy for travel club
Travel club as an employee engagement strategy

Recent studies have confirmed that engaged employees create a better customer experience, strengthen their brand and are more productive. The study also revealed that companies with higher employee engagement levels have an edge over those in the industry with lower engagement levels and have 3.9 times more earnings per share than the latter.

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Revenue Opportunities for Member Clubs
Common Revenue Opportunities for Member Clubs, Loyalty Programs and Travel Clubs

 Member clubs such as the $9 Fare Club offered by Spirit Airlines or Amazon Prime can be an ingenious way for travel and non-travel brands to diversify their loyalty offerings and drive a different kind of added value than a traditional loyalty program might offer. 

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Travel and Lifestyle Clubs for Credit Unions
How Travel and Lifestyle Clubs Help Differentiate Online Banking for Credit Unions

This article first appeared in the June 2018 issue of Credit Union Business. One of the biggest challenges for credit unions today is their ability to drive awareness and engagement, including through their digital and mobile channels.

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Vacation Rentals and Global Travel
Enhancing Vacation Rentals in the Sharing Economy

There’s no doubt that the sharing economy has changed the marketplace of accommodations, including where people stay, how they find new properties, what they expect from a property owner or management group and their expectations for a vacation rental website or app. 

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Retailer Loyalty Programs
Retailer Loyalty Programs and 360-Degree Travel Experiences

Brand relationships follow a simple law: the more you give, the more you get. That’s why consumers love loyalty programs – they get brand value beyond the price of the transaction, every time they spend. But many brands have been “giving” loyalty rewards and not seeing a return on investment. So what gives?

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Travel club as a Membership engagement strategy
Travel Clubs as a Member Engagement Strategy

Engaged customers fall into four categories – the buyers, the advocates, active engagers and loyal followers. Leveraging the myriad channels of communication and contact points is essential to help your travel business stand out and bring in more revenue.

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Travel Clubs over online travel agencies
Can Travel Clubs Replace Online Travel Agencies?

As the online travel industry underwent major changes, most of the major online travel agencies (OTAs) focused on the business aspects of their operations rather than customer experience.

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Travel and lifestyle club to drive loyalty
How a Travel and Lifestyle Club Can Drive Revenue and Loyalty

Those in travel businesses do realize that travel is an expensive and exotic commodity. A regular travel marketer will sell people air tickets or vacation packages, whereas travel clubs sell them dreams, adventure, experience, and memories.

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Alumni Clubs and the appeal of Travel Benefits
Alumni Clubs and the appeal of Travel Benefits

Alumni clubs are becoming popular among travelers with a host of travel and lifestyle benefits they offer. Take a look at the various travel benefits that appeal to student travelers and encourage them to be part of alumni clubs. 

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Monetizing Loyalty Programs
Monetizing Loyalty Programs – From Cost Center to Revenue Center

The full potential of loyalty programs wasn’t realized until 1980s. Today, they are everywhere in the customer-centric industry. But are loyalty efforts profitable? The answer is yes.

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Travel Clubs versus Online Travel Agencies
Travel Marketing: Travel Clubs versus Online Travel Agencies

The top online travel agencies (OTAs) invest billions of dollars for one purpose – to get the right travel products to the right customers at the right time. Major OTAs like Expedia have been successful by creating multiple brands across different websites targeted to different audience segments.

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long-term member benefits offered by travel clubs
The Long-range Member Benefits of Travel Clubs – More than Just Miles

Travel clubs are undoubtedly the new ‘it’ thing. If you are wondering why, just look into the range of services and features they offer to your business. As a member, you get access to insider deals, rewards, preferential rates, special promotions and more.

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Brand Engagement with a Travel Club
How to Achieve Year-Round Brand Engagement with a Travel Club

Brand engagement is the core of any travel business model. The end goal of travel club membership is to increase customer retention and enhance the lifetime value of your customers. It does so via its loyalty programs that enhance customer engagement and consequently increase repeat purchases.

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Custom Travel Solutions for Airlines
How Airlines Can Strengthen Loyalty & Ancillary Revenue for FFPs through a Travel Club

What led the airline industry to introduce the original “frequent flyer program” (FFP) concept? Remember, this was long before retailers popularized the “loyalty program” concept.

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The Connection Between Travel and Loyalty – How Travel Clubs Can Foster Brand Loyalty
The Connection Between Travel and Loyalty – How Travel Clubs Can Foster Brand Loyalty

Loyalty can never be truly bought… but it can be earned or built through rich, rewarding customer experiences. The first step to fostering brand loyalty is to produce a solid base of repeat customers – brand loyalists – who are 67% more likely to spend than the new ones.

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Travel Clubs and the Sharing Economy
How Non-Travel Groups Can Benefit from Travel Clubs and the Sharing Economy

In the past ten years, services like Airbnb, Lyft and Uber have gone from being the cool/new “disruptors” to being the face of a new economy – a “sharing economy,” as it’s called.

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Travel clubs to add new value to timeshare ownership
3 Reasons Why Timeshare Companies and Owners Love Travel Clubs

If you’re part of a timeshare company, you know the hard work it takes to run a timeshare successfully. It may be paradise on the actual property, but behind the scenes you’re forever hustling to keep sales high, minimize default rates, and (in your spare time) scouting and acquiring luxury real estate.

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Travel and Lifestyle Clubs
Travel and Lifestyle Clubs: Benefits and Challenges for Non-Travel Businesses

Many would argue that American Express and other card companies are really travel and lifestyle clubs at heart. Why would consumers pay hundreds of dollars in annual fees to use an Amex Platinum card, or thousands of dollars to use an Amex Centurion?

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travel clubs - the future of tourism industry
6 Reasons Why Travel Clubs Will be the Next Big Thing

The travel industry is one of the biggest sectors in the world, which accounts for almost 10% of the global GDP. Though, in the last few years, we have seen a drastic change in the travel and tourism industry.

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Employee Retention and Satisfaction with Travel Clubs
How to Achieve Employee Retention and Satisfaction with Travel Clubs

Human Resource is the most vital component of any organization. If your firm would like to attain long-term employee satisfaction and retention, then you need to think out of the box.

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travel club experience to its members
How Travel Clubs Can Sell an Experience to their Members

Travel is one of the most valuable and unforgettable experiences in the world. After all, how many of you remember the time spent while working in an office cubicle.

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Marketing your travel clubs
Move beyond Social Media: Market your Travel Club with these 6 Alternatives

These days, almost every major brand is on social media, which has made these platforms quite noisy. While digital marketing is still considered as one of the most effective ways to reach out to a wider range of audience in less time, marketers are looking for its alternatives as well.

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Travel club benefits related to healthcare
The Integration of Healthcare with Travel

Both healthcare and travel are considered as some of the most vital service-based sectors of the present time. Needless to say, their integration can yield fruitful results for any travel club. These days, travelers like to take added measures related to healthcare services.

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Travel clubs for family trips
How Travel Clubs Can Help Families Plan a Budget Trip

Travel clubs have certainly come a long way in the last few years. Since they provide exclusive services to their customers, it helps them plan an affordable vacation in less time. Even though millennials and corporate travelers are considered vital audiences for travel clubs, one should not overlook families and senior citizens as well.

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corporate travel integration with travel club
The Evolution of Corporate Travel and Why It Should be Integrated with Travel Clubs

Every year, millions of professionals travel for work the world over. Since it is an ever-changing industry, it also has an evident impact on the corporate travel sector as well. To make it easier for its employees to travel freely for work, firms make an added effort. This includes integration with travel clubs and the inclusion of third-party vendors. In this post, you will learn how corporate travel has evolved over the years and why it should be integrated with travel clubs.

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Travel club for Millennials
How to Target Millennials to Join Your Travel Club

Recently, millennials have overtaken baby boomers as the biggest demographics in the United States (source). Unlike other generations, millennials have a different set of priorities. For instance, they travel more often and would like to attain a perfect work-life balance instead of being overly career driven.

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Travel Clubs benefits for Financial Institutes
Why Banking and Financial Institutes Should Offer A Travel Club?

The banking and financial sector has seen a drastic change in the last decade. With the increase in competition, banking institutes need to walk an extra mile to get more leads. One of the best ways to do it is by including an exclusive travel club for its customers.

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Major Corporate travel trends
Major Corporate Travel Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Corporate travel is no longer solely associated with business or work. To let employees have a hassle-free experience while traveling, plenty of multinationals are coming up with revolutionary corporate travel ideas.

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travel club benefits for membership based organisation
Why Membership Based Organizations Need to Integrate Travel Club Benefits

Some of the most successful and fastest growing organizations worldwide are driven by its members. In today’s fast-paced world, everyone likes to access exclusive benefits in seconds, which has caused a rapid growth in the membership driven economy.

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Travel portal integration with API
How is Travel Portal API XML Integration Beneficial?

In order to have a prominent online presence, every travel portal needs to develop an interactive API (Application Program Interface). If you also like to have an interactive API, then you should consider taking some extra measures. After all, this would be used by your customers to access your services and interact with you on a daily basis.

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Generate lead for travel club with social media
8 Ways to Generate Leads for Your Travel Club with Social Media

In today’s competitive marketplace, almost every major brand is taking the assistance of social media to reach out to their audience instantly. Various travel clubs and businesses are already using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more to generate new leads and maintain a distinctive brand presence.

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Marketing ideas for travel cub
Implement these Marketing Ideas for Your Travel Club

In the membership driven economy, it can be a little tedious to run a successful travel club. These days, most of the leading travel portals are coming up with new ideas to lure more customers. Nevertheless, the kind of dedicated services and exciting offers that a travel club provides can’t be compared with any run of the mill travel website.

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Key-Travel-Trends impacting the digital experience
Key Travel Trends Impacting the Digital Experience in 2016

Do you remember the last time you booked a flight ticket through a travel agent? Well, most people don’t. But that doesn’t alter the fact that technology has an indispensable role to play in the future of travel. The travel industry is constantly innovating new ideas and concepts to offer a pleasant experience to the travelers across various social and digital channels.

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Travel Clubs for Millennials
How is Millennial Trend Shifting and Shaping Travel

Millennials love to travel whenever they can. They don’t view travel as a luxury but a necessity. According to the stats, they travel more than business travelers – about 4.7 times each year. Millennials have spent 20% more on travel in 2014 than the previous year and it is increasing. They are spending roughly $200 billion yearly on their travels. (Source)

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Membership based economy in travel club
The Evolution of Membership-Based Economy in Travel

With the drastic rise of subscription economy, almost every sector is changing its functionality. Travel and hospitality are certainly no such exception, as they are currently witnessing the rise of the membership driven economy.

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Loyalty Program Strategies for Travel
Loyalty Program Strategies for Travel

A happy customer is a loyal customer. If you wish to impress your customers and create a lasting relationship with them, then you have to walk an extra mile. One of the best ways to retain customers and turn them into your brand promoters is by offering them various exciting loyalty programs that can attract them.

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The increasing demand for travel clubs
The Growing Demand for Travel Clubs

Over the last few years, a drastic makeover can be seen in the international and domestic travel. Companies are pushing the envelope to provide unmatched benefits and features to their customers. It has also led to the growth of travel clubs of different kinds.

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travel benefit programs for subscription based companies
Why Subscription Based Companies Should Offer Travel Benefits Program

Custom Travel Solutions, with it turn-key Travel Benefits Program, can assist you in acquiring new subscription customers and create an emotional connection with your new and existing customers and communicate in ways words cannot that they are truly valued and appreciated.

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Travel benefits program for employers
How Travel Benefits Program Can Help Employers

Offer a unique benefit to your employees with our Travel Benefits Program. Under this program, your employees will not only get access to special discounts on business and leisure travel but many other exclusive benefits like 24/7 Personal Assistance, 24/7 access to Doctor Consultation while traveling, Airport Lounge Access etc.

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luxury travel
How Travel Clubs Are Making Luxury Travel Affordable?

The luxury travel trend is booming in leaps and bounds. Needless to say, travel clubs have been important drivers for luxury travel demand. They have made luxury travel affordable and available to the masses. Most U.S. travelers are the biggest consumers of this lucrative trend.

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Importance of technology in travel
Rising Importance of Technology in Travel to Capture the New Online Consumer

The digital revolution has changed the way we buy travel now. The new online travel consumer is smart and empowered. The use of technology is playing a key role in travel planning and the way consumers shop travel.

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Travel Benefits Solutions
Custom Travel Clubs – Travel Benefits Solution

Custom Travel Solutions addresses the need of increasing loyalty for organizations and their constituents. Travel is the great equalizer, it’s the thing all people want more of.

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The Evolution of loyalty program for travel marketers
Evolution of loyalty programs – What travel marketers must learn from it

Travel market is ever-increasing and ever evolving just like its customers. Today’s consumers expect their brand to be highly personalized. And why wouldn’t they? With all the data available, both offline and online, they expect the travel brands to understand their preferences and choices.

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Travel Clubs for health and wellness tourism
How Are Travel Clubs Promoting Health and Wellness Tourism?

Simply put, health and wellness tourism is a hot trend. The health niche is among the fastest growing in the travel market. Today the words ‘wellness’ and ‘travel’ are spoken in the same breath. Over the past decade, this trend has boomed and become increasingly diverse.

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travel club for solo sojourners
Why Are Travel Clubs Emerging as a Blessing for Solo Sojourners?

Solo travel trend is on the rise. Earlier, vacation used to go hand in hand with family or group of friends. But thanks to the changing economy and the millennials’ trends, solo travel trend has been catching up for all good reasons.

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B2B travel club solutions
How Can You Start Your Own Travel Club?

Can’t find a travel club that suits your needs? Create one. Starting your own travel business will give you the freedom to earn on your own terms and channel your adventure spirit rightly. Considering today’s economy, travel club is one of the most lucrative businesses for traveling enthusiasts. A successful travel club requires carefully orchestrated plan with an assessment of potential pros and cons. But to make it work, you have got to put your efforts into action.

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Wonder breaks - get well planned and totally immersive trips
Wonder-Breaks – Get a group package tailored for you

If you think that planning a group trip requires just a quick and easy point-and-click, then think again. Customizing a group vacation can be a tall order. Just like our shoes or suits, many travelers want their trip made-to-measure. This is why, Custom Travel Club has come up with an exclusive group package like no other – Wonder-Breaks.

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Group Trips by travel club for wonder breaks
Wonder-Breaks – Group Trips Like Never Before

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them and it will change you.” – Amy Poehler That’s the magic of being in the company of those who share same interests as you do. Traveling alone is not for everyone. Some people want to go on a trip to make new memories with the world out there.

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Benefits of travel club membership
Are Travel Club Memberships Worth It?

Membership clubs have their own privileges but the question is – are they worth the cost? A short answer to this question is a resounding yes! Travel Clubs have emerged out to fulfill the varying needs of all kinds of travelers.

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