Loyalty trends to implement

5 Loyalty Trends To Implement In 2019

In this age of endless choices, differentiation is paramount. In order to make your brand a success, you need a unique marketing plan. Retail marketing is no more a linear process. Some brands bank on a loyalty programs with heavy discounts and rewards, while others feel more comfortable building a connection with their existing customers and winning them over over time.

Speaking of time, there is no better time to talk about upcoming loyalty trends than now. Let us take a look at the top upcoming customer loyalty trends:

  1. Incentivized Referrals Through ‘Word of Mouth’ Marketing

Did you know that, “…only 29% of satisfied customers [will] refer your brand to others” (Source).

You may have more than 50% of your customers express that they are willing to refer to you, however as the stats show only 29% actually do. Word of mouth marketing is alive and well, a key loyalty trend for new customers. With incentivized referrals, you can offer valuable rewards to both the sender and the receiver – it’s a total win-win. Your business will acquire new consumers and reward existing ones.

  1. More Focus On Experiences

Providing jaw-dropping customer service through a unified experience definitely contributes to a higher consumer engagement. In 2019, we expect to see more brands focusing on delivering a one-of-a-kind experience to their customers to strengthen their marketing and loyalty programs. Social media tools can be used to demonstrate how much you value your customers. Going beyond the transactional relationship will directly impact how customers feel about your services and encourage them to spend more on your brand or business.

  1. Artificial Intelligence For CRM And Engagement

Retailer loyalty apps are a dime a dozen. Any new technology coming up? Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is touted as the future of loyalty programs. It is transitioning into a trusted force for companies of all sizes. Chatbots and machine learning are not just buzzwords. Leading rewards program providers are already offering them as a feature to deliver the best consumer experience. A.I. in 2019, will witness a much smoother and wider consumer adoption.

  1. Premium Loyalty Program With VIP tiers

VIP tiers can improve customer retention by introducing an element of gamification to the loyalty rewards program. It can even help turn around a poor customer experience into a positive one, by giving additional perks enticing the customer to become more engaged. VIP tiers is a no-brainer and can help amplify your existing rewards program. That way, you can also enhance engagement by introducing experiential rewards and branding your tier names

  1. Hyper-Personalized Emails

Email marketing is going to be one of the strong trends driving consumer loyalty in the future. We can expect emails to become even more personalized and relevant. A gradual shift from one-size-fits-all emails to hyper-personalized emails will surely see more witness engagement rates go up up and up!