travel clubs - the future of tourism industry

6 Reasons Why Travel Clubs Will be the Next Big Thing

The travel industry is one of the biggest sectors in the world, which accounts for almost 10% of the global GDP. Though, in the last few years, we have seen a drastic change in the travel and tourism industry. It already provides an employment to over 290 million people, which will only increase in the coming years (source). Gone are the days when travelers used to prefer standard packages. In order to provide a customized experience, they are relying on the prevalent membership economy.

There is a reason why travel clubs are known as the future of the tourism industry and are here to stay. Here’s why travel club platforms are going to see an evident boom in the coming years:

  1. Travelers are moving beyond package deals

In the last decade, tons of travel firms managed to attract more travelers by providing a wide range of standard tours and packages. Though, this trend is gradually coming to an end as people like to have a personalized experience while traveling. According to a research in the US, only 6.4% of people would like to travel in standard group tours (source).

The rest of them would like to either travel solo or with their family/friends to have a customized experience. Therefore, by taking the assistance of travel club platform, they can easily fulfill their needs and that too without causing a dent in their pocket.

  1. The rise of subscription economy

From Netflix to Spotify and Zipcar to Dropbox, there are several firms that have taken the benefit of the growing membership-driven economy. It is the business model of the future that is only going to expand in the long run. Since customers are already familiar with subscription economy, you don’t need to start from the square one. Though, by including the model in the travel industry, you can certainly get a first-mover advantage.

  1. The changing needs of millennial travelers

Millennials have already surpassed Baby Boomers to be the largest generation in America (source). Needless to say, it changes everything for the current travel industry. If you want to succeed and gain productive results, then you need to work on travel club benefits keeping in mind the needs of Millennials.

Though, Millennials don’t have any standard requirement when it comes to travel. There are times when they wish to go on an adventure, while sometimes they would like to take a solo trip. Only a dedicated travel club platform can help them meet their needs in a single place.

  1. Inclination towards responsible tourism

It might surprise you, but almost 80% of all travel decisions are taken by women (source). It doesn’t matter if they are planning a solo or a family trip – they always look for firms offering responsible services. This is exactly where travel club benefits have a lead. By providing services like 24/7 personal assistance, medical facilities, fast documentation, and more, they make sure you travel in a secure manner.

  1. Bleisure trips and Staycations

These are the two major trends that are only going to go bigger in the coming years. These days, people like to mix business with leisure while visiting their destination. This helps them explore a new place by meeting their business needs. Additionally, instead of visiting numerous places, they like to explore the local scene and stay in one place (by having a stay-vacation).

Ideally, a travel club fulfillment company can help you tap this trend. They already have dedicated corporate travel programs and collaborated with leading vacation homes as well. This will make your travel club platform a one-stop destination for every kind of travel need.

  1. The integration of technology with travel

Technology has changed our present world by touching almost every sector. Travel is certainly no such exception. According to Google, after doing a research on their mobile, 79% of people did their booking using their smartphones (source). Since travel club platforms are mobile-friendly, using them is quite time-saving and easy.

Additionally, travelers look for options like virtual currency, multi-language support, daily discounts, reward points, etc. The advanced travel club solutions can meet these requirements seamlessly.

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