Brand Engagement with a Travel Club

How to Achieve Year-Round Brand Engagement with a Travel Club

Brand engagement is the core of any travel business model. The end goal of travel club membership is to increase customer retention and enhance the lifetime value of your customers. It does so via its loyalty programs that enhance customer engagement and consequently increase repeat purchases.

Simply put, the more brand engagement, the better results for your travel business. That brings us to the question – how can you achieve brand engagement with a travel club? To break it down for you, let us first look at some facts –

  • Returning customers spend roughly 3 times more than one-time shoppers.
  • 77% of shoppers are repeat/returning shoppers.
  • Returning shoppers account for approximately 33.3% of every $ spent. (Source)

It is clear that there is a direct link between brand engagement and customer retention. Now, let us dive right into top brand engagement strategies made possible with a travel club to inspire year-round growth for your travel brand:

Update and optimize

Travel clubs closely align with the key market trends to continuously update and optimize your brand’s customer engagement. One such powerful trend is the importance of user-generated content.

This is illustrated by the fact that 32% of millennials will consult their peers before making a travel booking. Similarly, 39% rely on customer reviews prior to making a hotel reservation. (Source)

A travel club incorporates social engagement as a key component of the membership programs. This will boost customer trust and loyalty thereby increasing brand engagement.

Engaging campaigns

Travel clubs can take it further with the help of engaging campaigns and promotions. Customer engagement on social media is by far the fastest way to promote your travel brand. The campaigns have viral potential and give your customers a reason to enjoy the perks of acquiring that status with your brand. Also, marketing time-sensitive campaigns and offering redeemable rewards bring back your customers to make more purchases.

Seamless customer experience

A travel club understands the need to identify evolving customer behavior in order to achieve targeted customer engagement. A recent study suggests that 87% of the customers believe that brands need to put additional effort into providing seamless customer service. (Source)

Travel clubs offer 24X7 personalized assistance to customers when they need help or something goes wrong. This proactive responsiveness to your customers can make a huge difference in your brand’s engagement as well as retention.

Creating a customer community

It is a myth that people directly connect with your brand. They actually connect first with people connected to your brand. So when your customers are buying a product on your website, they are actually buying their way into elite travel community or community of like-minded people. Travel club membership provides the appeal of lifestyle and travel benefits curated especially for members.

Innovate with viral ideas

First and foremost, innovate with new ideas that resonate with your brand. The idea is to offer more than just basic solutions. Most of Custom Travel Solutions’ travel club benefits are built around this idea. Wonder Breaks, for instance, is one of such revolutionary experiences that set travel club apart. Another noteworthy feature of travel club is EngageTogetherallowing bespoke group travel itineraries.

Be genuine

To generate additional customer touchpoints, establish an open relationship with your customers. Travel club programs help align with your customer expectations and extend brand engagement. They help your brand to strategize on an ongoing basis and look into the work being don

The unique features of travel clubs keep your brand visible and compel your customers to bond with your brand. It helps to bring high-quality traffic which is otherwise hard to achieve. The plethora of retention tools helps your brand stand out from the rest and make your customers come back for another round, year after year.