Employee Retention and Satisfaction with Travel Clubs

How to Achieve Employee Retention and Satisfaction with Travel Clubs

Human Resource is the most vital component of any organization. If your firm would like to attain long-term employee satisfaction and retention, then you need to think out of the box. Most of the employees make a switch because of the lack of recognition for their work or its monotony. Needless to say, by providing perks related to travel, you can certainly win them over. One of the best ways to achieve this is by providing travel club to your workforce. It will help you achieve better employee retention and satisfaction in the following ways.

    1. Premium business travel

There are numerous job profiles in which business travel is considered as an evident role. It has been reported that around 87% of the working professionals believe that the quality of their corporate travel directly impacts the outcome of their trips (source). Therefore, if you want your employees to attain better results while traveling, then consult a travel club to provide various benefits to them.

    2. Reward points that are easy to use

The Rewards and Recognition program of any firm plays a vital role in letting employees know how much they are being valued. Though, most of the organizations often provide the kind of reward points that can’t be used easily. If you want to attain employee satisfaction, then you should provide travel loyalty programs that can readily be used by your employees.

It has been found that around 83% of Millennials have picked travel rewards as the best type of perk that their employer can offer (source). If you want to retain more Millennials in your workforce, then you should provide a travel club membership to them.

    3. Focusing on bleisure trips

Bleisure (business + leisure) trips have changed the face of the age-old corporate travel. It has been discovered that on an average, every employee takes 1.4 bleisure trips a year (source). If you want your employees to have a memorable experience, then provide them travel club benefits. They would certainly enjoy features like airport lounge access, exclusive discount on hotels, personal assistance, etc. All of this would lead to employee satisfaction in the long run.

    4. Boosting employee efficiency

These days, travel is no longer considered as a luxury, but a necessity. If your employees are more productive, then it will give them a sense of confidence and would benefit your organization at the same time. Therefore, you should encourage your employees to travel more and come back with a refreshed mind. After all, it has been discovered that taking a vacation is good for employee productivity at work (source). You can always provide travel memberships to your employees and help them plan their next vacation on a budget.

    5. Attaining an overall positive environment

Most importantly, happy employees will certainly be more satisfied and would stay with your firm for years. This can be achieved by providing the kind of perks that no employee can refuse. For instance, Airbnb provides an annual stipend of $2000 to its employees just to travel (source).

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