Alumni Clubs and the appeal of Travel Benefits

Alumni Clubs and the appeal of Travel Benefits

Alumni clubs are becoming popular among travelers with a host of travel and lifestyle benefits they offer. Take a look at the various travel benefits that appeal to student travelers and encourage them to be part of alumni clubs. Young people are more interested in spending on travel and activities that enrich them. They love taking trips locally as well as globally and look for experiences to give them an edge in employability upon returning home.

According to a study by Skift and StudentUniverse, student travelers represent a market value of $320 billion, and comprise one-fifth of all international arrivals. Most of the young travelers refer to themselves as ‘flashpackers’ and are higher spenders than the backpackers and other travelers – about 3,500 $ per trip and 60$ a day.

Student travelers want more than ever to enrich their knowledge about the world. They are looking for genuine experiences and plan on both domestic and international trips. The most popular types of domestic trips include weekend getaways, summer vacations and that of international trips include – bucket list, culture trips, summer vacations.

Alumni clubs are created to cater to the needs of these young travelers. The appeal of travel benefits provided by these clubs is immense. Alumni clubs offer personalized trips to help Generation X seek authentic experiences. These experiences may include exposure to a new culture, language, landscape or local cuisine. Student travelers are intrigued to explore the most exotic places that give them a better understanding of varied cultures and aids in career development. Also, ‘group travel’ is particularly popular trend amidst student travelers. They love to travel with their friends and explore together. Alumni club travel benefits include access to accommodation, transport and activities for group tours. But there’s a lot more their universities can do for them.

Now, let us take a look into various travel benefits that appeal to student travelers and encourage them to be part of alumni clubs.


The biggest advantage of being a part of alumni club is getting great deals on hotel accommodation. Regardless of the destination, alumni clubs can tie up with travel club platform and offer competitive prices for hotel rooms. For instance, Custom Travel Solution’ lets you and your members choose from one of the biggest hotel inventory comprising over 1,500 hotels with member-only prices. Along with this, the student travelers can browse through the hotel reviews, check real-time room availability and get last-minute deals for their accommodation. The savings can go up to 50% or more.

2. Car Rental

This benefit is like icing on the cake if you are traveling in a group. Alumni clubs offer car rental services on the go for student travelers to meet their transport needs during the vacation.

3. Local Transport

In any new destination, it might become bit of a hassle to explore the local transport means which are budget-friendly and convenient. Alumni clubs offer the best of both worlds. All one needs is to show up and enjoy.

4. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one of the most sought-after benefits offered by alumni clubs. Every student travelers deserves to know that their trip is well insured. As a member of alumni club, they can choose the right plan as per their budget. Some of the key benefits of travel insurance include – access to emergency services (24X7), immediate medical or financial assistance and refunds upon trip cancellation.

5. Visa Assistance

In some cases, student travelers can’t do without visa assistance. Just booking a trip is not enough. The visa fulfilment services offered by alumni clubs can make the otherwise cumbersome travel process completely sorted for travelers. The travelers can just focus on their trip while all the steps of trip planning are taken care of by the alumni club.

6. Exclusive Discounts

Alumni clubs can offer lifestyle benefits apart from the travel benefits to lure more student travelers. An alliance with travel club platform like Custom Travel Solutions is a win-win situation for alumni clubs. The members can get exclusive deals on luxury merchandise, dining, entertainment, travel activities, shopping and more.

7. Sustainable Travel

A lot of alumni clubs take their members to trips that can enhance their knowledge about the environment, culture etc. and ultimately help in career development. Alumni clubs offer such experiences which are finely curated with an advanced travel API and provides access to range of points of interest for student travelers to aid in exploration.

The benefits offered by alumni clubs can be enhanced and improved manifold by choosing Custom Travel Solutions – an all-encompassing travel club platform. The unique features will give your alumni club an edge over others to reap lifelong dividends, more than you ever knew.

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