Increase your brand equity with loyalty travel club

Elevate Your Brand In Your Customer’s Eyes – How A Loyalty Travel Club Increases Brand Equity

To be frank, positive brand equity positively impacts customer loyalty! The perception that customers form about a brand is where the power of branding lies. Brands that put their attention and energy into how a customer perceives their brand are what will allow a brand to occupy a larger space in the market. As the story goes, the larger your brand gets, the more opinions and expectations will fall upon your brand. Is your travel brand ready to operate in a larger space?

In this ever-growing travel market, many brands fail to acknowledge that price is not the only thing customers are looking at. In this age of Millennials, they are keener to associate their money with a brand that aligns with their personal values and ideals. The Millennial generation continues to be our cultural trailblazers in that they put more value in meaningful/quality of their experiences more so than flashy fancy ones. Harnessing this generation’s mindset is not an easy feat and brands need to capitalize on this changing expectation. What better way to do that than with a Loyalty Travel Club that excels in quality, meaningful and customizable experiences?

A Loyalty Travel Club champions services and offerings that align with the personal values and lifestyles of its members. Lifestyle branding is not a new thing and a Loyalty Travel Club helps a brand promote a lifestyle where its members can truly ‘experience it all.’ By presenting your brand to your members as an opportunity for personal development, you can forge an emotional connection with them. The Loyalty Travel Club can help them plan a personalized itinerary with an option to choose from a variety of local activities, unparalleled travel assistance and concrete opportunities for ‘one of a kind’ moments.

Personalization is a constant challenge for brands. A Loyalty Travel Club knows how to pull off a differentiated experience and gives your brand an edge. Your brand can dynamically retarget the members based on their preferences and interests by leveraging the intent-based data provided by the program.

Another important aspect of brand equity is emotional capital. It’s the adhesive that retains members throughout their life’s ups and downs. A Loyalty Travel Club helps covert a member to brand advocate. Happy and satisfied members will drive organic growth by word of mouth advertising, which will translate into loyalty and scalability.

Effective branding also relies on selling the members the newest trends in the market, so they don’t go anywhere else. This is another way to put personalization into action. For instance, ‘bleisure travel’ – a mix of business travel with extended leisure time, is on the rise. A recent survey suggests, “43% of U.S. travelers are considered ‘blesiure’” (Source). A Loyalty Travel Club dynamically tailors its offerings within a short timeframe to ensure that they can book at the click of a button. Loyalty will follow along with brand awareness and advocacy.