corporate travel integration with travel club

The Evolution of Corporate Travel and Why It Should be Integrated with Travel Clubs

Every year, millions of professionals travel for work the world over. Since it is an ever-changing industry, it also has an evident impact on the corporate travel sector as well. To make it easier for its employees to travel freely for work, firms make an added effort. This includes integration with travel clubs and the inclusion of third-party vendors. In this post, you will learn how corporate travel has evolved over the years and why it should be integrated with travel clubs.

How is the culture of corporate travel getting evolved?

Gone are the days when business trips were solely related to work. These days, almost every major firm wants to attain maximum employee retention. This can be done by providing added benefits to its workforce. Since almost every individual likes to travel, firms all over the world have started making their mundane corporate travel programs pretty interesting.

To do so, they usually collaborate with travel membership programs providers. Besides making it easier for employees to travel, it also provides a multitude of value added travel benefits. Not just that, most of the leading firms out there also like to integrate a travel club with their existing model.

Benefits of integrating a travel club with corporate travel programs

Following are some of the major advantages of collaborating travel club solutions with corporate travel program.

It is an affordable option

If your firm has a dedicated travel club, then it will certainly help you save a fortune. For instance, your employees won’t have to pay extra to get lounge access, fast visa services, currency exchange, and more. Also, with services like exclusive hotel discounts, you would be able to save a lot while arranging the accommodation for your employees.

It is a one-stop solution for every travel needs

When it comes to corporate travel, most of the individuals like to make their own arrangements. It has been observed that only 18% of working professionals prefer taking the assistance of third-party service provider (source). Therefore, you can simply take the assistance of a private label travel club solutions provider to build a separate platform for your employees. In this way, your employees can handle everything on their own by accessing various features in one place. It will also save their time and efforts while managing their business trips.

It leads to a transparent culture

This might surprise you, but 33% of professionals dread to report the actual travel expenses and ends up paying the extra charge by themselves (source). Since they don’t like to go through so much trouble, it might cause a dent in their pocket in the long run. To avoid such an unwanted scenario, you can simply take the assistance of travel club programs. This will help you attain a complete transparency regarding the travel expenses of your employees.

It provides a hassle-free solution

Unlike usual travel arrangements, corporate travel plans can be altered at the last minute. Since they are pretty dynamic in nature, it causes a lot of hassle to finalize them. More than 50% of senior employees find it quite troublesome (source). If your firm has integrated travel club solutions, then your employees won’t go through so much hassle and they can alter their plans themselves very easily.

It focuses on “Bleisure” trips

As stated earlier, the current corporate travel trend is changing towards the inclusion of more leisure and fun activities. It has been observed that over 40% of business trips turn into bleisure (business + leisure) trips (source).

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