Exclusive Travel Club

Exclusive travel club

Are you looking to have a rewarding relationship with your customers without giving up your margin? Do you want to build lasting customer loyalty without going ‘strictly business’? Nothing will rev up the customer’s imagination than an exclusive travel loyalty club. In this article, you will read about the exclusive travel club and a range of benefits it offers to its members.

What is an exclusive travel club?

In simple words, an exclusive travel club is essentially a lucrative loyalty program where offering something exclusive or unique is a far stronger motivation than everyday discounts. The goal of an exclusive travel club is to offer its members a wonderful and hassle-free travel experience through its services, facilities, benefits and support.

An exclusive travel club can have a variety of membership levels, such as Silver, Gold, Platinum and so on, that are tailored to the needs of members with exclusive services, discounts and benefits. Especially if you are serving affluent customers, the exclusive travel club allows you to go the extra mile to support your business goals better and achieve heightened customer loyalty.

Every customer wants to feel like a VIP. Exclusive travel club oozes out luxury and unique perks to make them feel exclusive. By capitalizing on this phenomenon, businesses can gain prominence and expect high revenue potential.

Keys to incentivizing exclusivity –

What are the members benefits in exclusive travel club?

  • Exclusive rewards and incentives – According to a recent study, 56.8% of customers are more likely to participate in a travel club program that offers exclusivity-based rewards. With the help of targeted segmentation of rewards, you can offer rewards in the form of a gift card, credit on your product or service, points, or custom coupons to reward your high-value customers. With customers gain exclusive incentives from their travel-related purchases, this creates a delighted and motivated feeling for them to be a part of the exclusive club.
  • Elevated Status – When customers earn certain rewards or points, it grants them an elevated status within the travel club. It provides access to bigger and better rewards in the form of a variety of incentives that can be redeemed as they please.
  • Access to VIP perks – VIP perks are enticing for every customer. Offering exclusive perks, such as first-class lounge access, complimentary upgrades on travel packages to the most loyal members sends a message of appreciation while building a long-lasting relationship. For instance, when customers see that they are moved to the VIP category, they are likely to become brand advocates. This will also reflect in changed or increased spending behavior to achieve a higher status within the exclusive travel club program.
Exclusive Travel Club

Exclusive Travel Club

  • Recognition – Recognizing the high-value and most loyal customers with upgrades and simple luxuries will delight them every time. Customers will enjoy exceptional experiences and exclusive perks while keeping them ahead of non-members.
  • Diversified Reward Structure – VIP incentives such as priority check-ins, baggage rebate, priority parking, invite to exclusive events, etc. keep the reward structure diversified and customers happy with the top-notch service.
  • Personalization – Using personalization throughout customer journeys can help customers find out what’s right for them and make bookings with ease for a hassle-free experience. It helps both brands and customers in retaining a loyal association.
  • Simple, Streamlined and Seamless – Customers prefer simplicity and do not want to spend access time here and there. What better than being a part of an exclusive travel club where they can have a streamline and seamless travel experience with one-stop availability for everything customized for them.
  • Excellent Customer Service – It is always good to have a support system around who can guide, resolve queries or handle any problem on the go. Having an instant and active customer service is one aspect which can truly enhance the travel experience.
  • Win-Win for Customers and Businesses – An exclusive travel club keeps both customers and brands in a win-win situation. While it serves to be rewarding and cost-effective for customers, it also helps business to improve their brand and its reach.
  • Privileged Access and Add on Benefits – Being a part of an exclusive travel club, customers are provided with exclusive access to discounts, sales and add on benefits which are valuable and are not offered otherwise.

Local Travel Clubs vs Giant Travel Clubs

Travel Club

Travel Club

Local travel clubs offer unique and exclusive deals on domestic travel products or services, such as domestic flight reservations, hotel bookings, local sightseeing packages, car rentals, and more. These affordable travel club are focused and operated for a particular geography or region.

A local travel club is dedicated to serve its customers wanting to escape their homes for less-distant destinations. For example, in the present situation, when international travel has reduced due to restrictions owing to COVID 19, the reliance has shifted to local travel clubs.

Giant travel clubs are multi-brand loyalty clubs that operate within the global travel ecosystem with unique offerings encompassing international flight bookings, hotel bookings, airport and hotel transfers, cruises, visa assistance, and more.

The emphasis is mainly on offering memorable and more personalized experience while prioritizing the safety and security of its members. Giant travel club cover the distinctive needs and features for its user base across geographies, such as offering multi-lingual and multi-currency support and so on.