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From Boomers to Gen-Z – travel club trends that sell and target across generations

For travel loyalty business to continue in 2019, travel platforms need to understand the motivations and mindsets of travelers across generations. From baby boomers to Generation X, Millennials to Generation Z, each has their own unique relationship with travel. For any travel platform to be able to sell to these demographics, it needs to understand each group’s travel aspirations before effectively serving these travel-smitten generations.

Millennials, ranging from the ’80s to mid-’90s, are typically self-dependent and motivated by the uniqueness of a destination along with a bit of travel envy. They aspire to seek experiences like a local with main focus on food and culture. Generation Z, born in the mid-’90s, make up a quarter of the US population and are driven by curiosity. Research indicates that Gen-Z will account for one-third of the US population by 2030 and overtake Millennials to become the most powerful spenders. (Source)

Let us take a deeper look into Gen-Z travel club trends and compare them with travel trends across generations to see what’s taking off in loyalty business around the globe –

  • Gen-Z, along with Millennials, has a deep affinity for experiences. They do not just want to go on a vacation but explore the place and its culture. They want immersive experiences that include home rentals, intrepid journeys, personalized itineraries, and exclusive events. Unlike boomers and Gen-X, they barely need to rest their feet or confine themselves within their hotel rooms.
  • Budget is a primary factor during trip planning for every generation. Gen-Z is motivated by price, not unlike most millennials. They prefer budget-friendly trips that incorporate exploring local culture, dining at local restaurants, relaxation, bar hopping and visiting iconic landmarks. They prefer customized itineraries and, while saving remains the goal, they tend to not shy away from spending more if the trip is tailored to their liking including all the activities. This leads to added value being a crucial piece of catering to Gen-Z travel marketing.
  • Gen-Z wants to travel the off-beaten paths to scoop out the most undiscovered experiences. In fact, remote and off-beaten are their key motivators. They love to flaunt their travel experiences on social media as travel plays a much bigger role in their life compared to the Millennials.
  • ‘Experiences’ has always been a buzzword and now the most sought-after travel trend for 2019. Millennials have given a new meaning to this word and now Gen-Z are the ones to follow their footsteps, valuing experiences over material possessions. Crossing things off their bucket lists is imperative for both of these generations.
  • Gen-Z love sharing their lives on social media and this trend is going to continue with future generations as well. They are massively influenced by social media and can be easily targeted using the most engaged platforms. The travel choices of Gen-Z are likely to be motivated by the internet,  such as ‘Instagram hotspots’ or ‘Pinterest destinations’. They pay attention to their favorite celebrities/influencers and select places that resonate their value system. These ‘digital natives’ heavily rely on their smartphone or tablet to book a trip, more than any generation. Millennials, on the other hand, look for a deal prior to booking and prefer an all-inclusive trip or accommodation.