How A Travel Club Can Boost Brand Perception

Brand perception is extremely volatile amidst today’s constantly technology-driven & connected world. However, with a new generation of customers in the ‘know everything’ environment, brand perception can be optimized using data and marketing efforts.

Unfortunately, your approach to appealing to your users can be driven by many external factors that may be beyond your control.

However, understanding data and understanding user personalization has the power to shift brand perception in a positive way. The process starts with obtaining data-driven insights from your target market, then creating a strategy to pitch products in a way that aligns user’s beliefs with your brand and shapes the way customers recall. Let’s discuss three important steps to improve customer perception of your brand using personalization –

Understand Your Customers and How They Perceive Your Brand

Trusted customer data from target demographics will provide you with all the information you need to gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ interests and passions. Consider a base list that will round out your customer thought process and understanding of your brand. 

  • What do your customers like about your brand?
  • What your customers don’t like about your brand?
  • Is the recent marketing campaign alienating your target audience?
  • Who are your loyal customers?
  • What makes your brand stand out?
  • What qualities do they associate with the brand?
  • What are your competitors doing that you are not?

These insights can help you take a step back and evaluate your own understanding of your market and tap into their emotions.

Go To Your Customers Instead of Waiting For Them To Give You Clues

Your marketing efforts or team can create actionable plans to enable mass customization of the brand message that appeals to different audiences and wants them to be associated with your brand.

  • Give your customers more mobile content: Data is showing many more users are making bookings on their phones and tablets, meaning you can receive meaningful data across their media use and actively reach them on more devices. 
  • Use social media to assess and track brand mentions: Take a deeper look at what customers are saying about your brand and whether they are being complimentary or critical. This also gives you clues as to what content your users expect and allows you to plan ahead by seeing a more informal means of communication.
  • Use online ads: Promotions tap into their motivations and guide them effectively towards choosing your services. Stay at the forefront of your user’s brand recall so you don’t find yourself behind others bidding and winning their next bookings.

Follow Up After Every Interaction 

Following up with your loyal customers within minutes of their interaction and motivating them to return to the business will increase customer loyalty. Personalized follow-up messages or emails help customers re-engage and prevent potential turnover. If a customer had a positive experience, they are more likely to upgrade. On the flip side, negative customer feedback can be turned around by immediately making contact using email or a phone call. Additionally, personalized social media ads with the right keywords will reach potential customers and drive powerful growth through regular outreach. Consider offering an incentive for positive reviews, feedback or questionnaire to quickly poll customers.

Brand perception is primarily owned by customers, yet it is not set in stone. The right data insights along with personalized interactions lead to improved brand perception. However, it is pivotal to keep measuring your brand perception regularly to benchmark your progress.

At Custom Travel Solutions, we know the value in a long user lifespan and how it can correlate with a positive experience. Contact us today and let us show you our award-winning products and how they can be your next great investment.