Travel Club Loyalty Program

How to choose a travel loyalty program

A travel club or company’s loyalty rewards program is designed to foster closer relationships with their members. A successful loyalty program is based on the foundation of customers’ satisfaction; thus, companies seek more personalized engagement strategies based on individual needs.

Before choosing an ideal customer loyalty program, here is a comprehensive checklist you can use to best evaluate how to get the most out of your selected program –

  • Reward Usage – Does the reward program offer flexibility in usage? Or are its rules restrictive? No matter what type of rewards are promised to offer to lure the customers in, it is best to find out if those rewards are viable for your members travel goals.
  • For instance, airline blackout dates can be a big no for those who like spontaneity when it comes to travel, and that could be a harm to your member satisfaction.
  • Ease of Use – It is best to pick a loyalty program that is simple and straightforward to understand. Your customers trust they are signing up with a program that will not hurt them (that’s the point!). Such easy-to-understand programs offer more credibility sans hidden terms and conditions.
  • Personalized Buying Experience – Personalized offerings and rewards create a win-win situation for loyalty club members. An effective customer loyalty program utilizes a holistic view of customers to anticipate their expectations and needs. Members will look for a program offering highly detailed personalization to serve as a one-stop solution for trip planning along with best price promise.
  • Network Size – The bigger the network of loyalty program, the better your options for redeeming rewards. For instance, consider picking a loyalty program that is partnered with several international airline carriers and flies to more destinations worldwide. Your members will have a better chance of earning and redeeming rewards to multiple destinations across the globe.
  • Average Time for Redemption – The wait time for reward accumulation varies in every loyalty program. Your members could be left wondering if they will ever accrue enough points to get those discounts they signed up for. Consider a loyalty program that rewards quickly allows the customer to earn and burn in real time. Some travel clubs also pitch gratification programs to cultivate trust and loyalty using membership tiers.
  • Referral Programs – Consider referral programs or bonuses offered to invite more customers. This makes choosing a program a win-win for members. They can choose to join a loyalty program when it is offering a referral bonus or an extended package that will help you towards their travel goals.
  • Choosing the Best Fit – In this age of digital automation, it is important to choose a loyalty program that not only offers rewards and travel benefits but also empowers customers with 24/7 self-service capabilities.

So, before you start comparing, make a list of what you are hoping to get out of your loyalty program. Don’t forget to do the research yourself to find a program that best fits your customers’ needs and goals.