Travel club for Millennials

How to Target Millennials to Join Your Travel Club

Recently, millennials have overtaken baby boomers as the biggest demographics in the United States (source). Unlike other generations, millennials have a different set of priorities. For instance, they travel more often and would like to attain a perfect work-life balance instead of being overly career driven. If you own a travel club, then targeting millennials should be the top-most priority of your marketing strategy. Here are some foolproof ways to gain more leads related to this young and dynamic generation.

  1. Change your traditional marketing model

If you wish to target millennials, then you need to think of something new and out of the box. This can’t be done by sticking with your traditional marketing model. These days, travel clubs are coming up with viral campaigns that are solely dedicated to millennials. This can be done by running exclusive offers, last-minute deals, developing a loyalty program, providing cashback, and more.

  1. Be active on social media

Social media is undoubtedly the easiest and the best way to reach out to your audience. For instance, more than 80% of millennials check their Twitter account at least once a day (source). Therefore, if you wish to reach out to millennials, then you need to have a prominent presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Additionally, you can run promotional and paid ads to gain more leads as well.

  1. Focus on getting good reviews

When it comes to buying anything, millennials are used to getting various options. It has been noted that around 82% of millennials consider online reviews before buying something (source). This also includes booking flights, hotels, and tours. In order to make a good reputation, your business should have a few positive reviews online.

  1. Make your travel club portal mobile-friendly

It has been reported that around 86% of millennials are disappointed by a bad mobile experience (source). Nevertheless, most of the millennials still take the assistance of their smartphones to make travel bookings. Therefore, in order to gain more leads, you need to make your travel club platform mobile-friendly.

  1. Be transparent

No one likes to read the fine print while making travel bookings online. If millennials feel that they are being tricked, then they will certainly get back by posting bad reviews. If you don’t want to tamper with the reputation of your travel club, then you should be transparent to your audience right from the start.

  1. Provide tempting add-ons and exclusive facilities

Almost 60% of millennials don’t mind upgrading various facilities while traveling as long as their requirements are met (source). Just like every other individual, millennials also like to get exclusive deals and discounts. By running dedicated travel membership programs, you can make it happen without any trouble.

  1. Give a personalized experience

By providing a customized experience to your audience, you can retain them and win their trust. Since millennials are extremely loyal to their brands, it will help you gain more members and make your travel club program a complete winner.

  1. Run an influencer marketing campaign

If you are an experienced marketer, then you might already know that the recall time of an age-old advertisement is getting pretty negligible. On the other hand, almost 40% of consumers have been reported to purchase an item after getting its recommendation from a leading influencer on social media (source). In order to get more members for your travel club, you can simply run dedicated influencer marketing campaigns.

  1. Take advantage of the membership economy

The membership economy is on the rise, which has led to the success of firms like Netflix, Uber, Dropbox, etc. You should make the most of the current membership-economy by integrating it with your travel-based solutions. This can be done by taking the assistance of a private-label travel club provider .

  1. Inspire!

Most importantly, inspire your audience to travel more often. Since millennials have a free-spirit and a passion for traveling, they like to join travel club membership programs. It provides tons of features, making it easier for millennials to travel on a budget.

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