The Connection Between Travel and Loyalty – How Travel Clubs Can Foster Brand Loyalty

The Connection Between Travel and Loyalty – How Travel Clubs Can Foster Brand Loyalty

Loyalty can never be truly bought… but it can be earned or built through rich, rewarding customer experiences. The first step to fostering brand loyalty is to produce a solid base of repeat customers – brand loyalists – who are 67% more likely to spend than the new ones.

The services provided by a travel club are dynamic and greatly improve a traveler’s planning and booking process, as well as the journey itself. This, in turn, greatly impacts the member’s loyalty towards the travel club. When they know that the travel club is watching their back at all times, they no longer remain proverbial fair-weather friends but turn into loyal customers.

Here are 6 ways a travel club can foster brand loyalty like no other:


1.    Involve

Loyalty begets loyalty. Interacting with customers to build a by-name relationship can make them feel truly valued. Attentiveness to small details such as remembering a customer’s birthday or gestures like asking for client’s testimonial can make a huge difference. For a travel club, these things certainly offer long-term dividends.

2.   Unparalleled customer service

A travel club can help provide consistent customer support at all times – before, during and after a customer’s vacation. This is made possible by offering a timely response to emails or phone calls, personally checking everything before client’s vacation, anticipating their concerns and providing them real service in the times of need. Travel clubs are best at offering around the clock services in a seamless manner.

3.   Forward-looking approach

To be able to influence the future decision-making of your customers, a travel club needs to collect as much information given by the guests as it can. This can be later tracked by a CRM tool and is valuable for future bookings. Also, regular contact via emails will always keep the travel clubtop of mind and naturally foster loyalty.

4.   Technologically advanced

Studies suggest that keeping an old customer costs 5-10 times less than attracting new ones. (Source) So, brand loyalty is strengthened by communicating often with existing customers. A travel club comes equipped with features like sending regular updates, newsletters and educating customers about new loyalty programs. According to the recent studies, the mobile app is the next step in the booking revolution. Mobile sales have grown by whopping 36% in 2015, and the social media platform Instagram has become go-to source for many travelers looking to acquire information about hotel stays. A travel club can provide cutting-edge technology to help in relationship building.

5.   Rewards and exclusivity

No one understands the importance of offering exclusivity and rewards via loyalty programs more than travel clubs. Travel clubs work magic with customizing products by up-selling or cross-selling as per the customer’s needs. Various tools of personalization and segmentation allow your travel brand to offer exclusive travel experience. This will strengthen the connection between the customer and your travel brand, transforming them into brand loyalists.

6.   Innovate

Many travel brands fail to follow up with the latest trends in the travel marketplace and lag far behind in the industry. Travel clubs, on the other hand, give your brand recognition and power to stay competitive in the market. Being constantly aware of the changes in travel trends and quickly taking advantage of the customer’s direction is made possible by the range of offerings a travel club can provide.

A travel club truly empowers your brand, and increased brand loyalty is the by-product of that empowerment. Exceptional customer service is the hallmark of a lasting relationship, and a travel club can make that possible. Travel clubs help evaluate customers’ preferences, strategize for loyalty programs and deliver unforgettable travel experiences. Once brand loyalty is established, it creates new avenues for recurring sales. Eventually, it also drives down the cost of marketing. A travel club can do this and more for your travel brand, and at the same time help foster lifelong relationships with your customers.