Travel and lifestyle club to drive loyalty

How a Travel and Lifestyle Club Can Drive Revenue and Loyalty

Those in travel businesses do realize that travel is an expensive and exotic commodity. A regular travel marketer will sell people air tickets or vacation packages, whereas travel clubs sell them dreams, adventure, experience, and memories. Travel clubs offer everything a member needs, as per their preference, packaged in an effective manner to deliver it in the form of an experience of a lifetime. Travel club membership gives access to exclusive benefits, which help members design their vacation in the most flexible manner.

In this fast-paced world, the contribution of travel and tourism to the global economy is increasing rapidly. In the year 2017, domestic travel contributed approximately $3.97 trillion to the world economy. These figures are rising, and if you are in the travel business, you certainly can’t afford to lag behind.

The competition in the travel industry is fierce, so what exactly are you doing to stand out?

We are no longer in the age where offering a holiday package is a novelty; travelers need options in almost every sphere of the travel process, complete with the up-to-date bespoke benefits. That’s why a travel club can steer your business in the direction of growth and at the same time turn your customers into brand loyalists.

How can a travel and lifestyle club drive your business revenue and loyalty?


Loyalty programs these days are dime a dozen, but a travel club can set your business apart. How? A travel club treats its members equally by giving them what they want. It is important to remember that even though the perception of miles or rewards is abstract and cash more tangible, travelers consider them one and the same. This is strengthened by the fact that “81% of US citizens equate reward points with cash.” Travel clubs help in fostering amazing client loyalty by evaluating client’s needs, offering great service and delivering to customer expectations.

Unique benefits and services

Travel clubs strive to offer benefits that translate into experiences in the long term. Even the personalized experiences are designed carefully while giving every attention to the details of member’s preferences. These are combined with a host of lifestyle benefits which resonate with every member who is looking for enhanced experiences. All in all, a travel club is a complete lifetime membership solution that encompasses elite travel and lifestyle benefits, including customized trips, 24X7 travel support, multi-language support, financial and medical assistance, seat alerts, technology on the go, and visa assistance, just to name a few.

Staying one step ahead

Travel businesses need to stay current with social connectivity. Travel club platforms help to earn loyalty with relationships and not just transactions. Engaging with existing customers and new prospects increase the chances of growth and loyalty. Travelers these days are deeply influenced by social media, with about 52% using social media to plan their trip and 70% looking for reviews before booking.

They need Wi-Fi wherever they go and prefer capturing moments to share with their social media clan. About 67% smartphone using travelers prefer to buy from a mobile-friendly site. That’s why a good travel club will offer the best experience technologically to stay up to date.

Unparalleled customer support

What separates a memorable loyalty program from the forgettable one? The answer lies in the way they offer customer support. If a loyalty program is out of reach or too complex, it will never be able to win customer loyalty.

That’s where travel clubs differ. They boost loyalty with the help of databases built on customers’ preferences, choices and demographics. According to a recent study, about 56% customers feel loyalty towards brands who show a deep understanding of their preferences or priorities.

Clearly, loyalty is something that travel club members can vouch for and in the long run, adds to the brand’s revenue.

Travel club membership makes the member feel special with their exclusive rewards, deals on lifestyle products and state-of-the-art technical support. When members get fair rewards and such, trust is built. With the help of data analysis and technical innovations, travel clubs target members (new as well as returning ones) to add significant value to the loyalty program. This leads to more engagement from members and ultimately results in increased revenues.

Custom Travel Solutions’ offerings are tied to the club’s core values and looped around the experience members are looking for that inspire meaningful engagement beyond purchase transactions.