Travel club benefits related to healthcare

The Integration of Healthcare with Travel

Both healthcare and travel are considered as some of the most vital service-based sectors of the present time. Needless to say, their integration can yield fruitful results for any travel club. These days, travelers like to take added measures related to healthcare services. The inclusion of these premium features can certainly help any travel club benefits program to get more leads. In this post, you will learn how both, travel and healthcare can be integrated and how it will benefit your travel club.

How to integrate healthcare with travel?

Currently, the global travel industry has a GDP of over $7.6 trillion, which is only going to rise in the coming years (source). Similarly, healthcare is also considered as one of the most crucial sectors in the world. It is expected that the healthcare industry will cross an expenditure of over $8.7 trillion by 2020 (source). Since healthcare holds such a vital importance, it can be integrated with other service-based domains like travel.

The present membership driven economy has brought a much-needed revolution in the travel sector. If you wish to run one of the best travel clubs, then you need to provide new and exciting features to your members. This can be done by integrating healthcare services with your travel membership programs. For instance, your members can have a real-time chat with doctors or can get an access to medicines while being on the road. Additionally, you can provide personal medical assistance to your members while traveling.

In this way, you can get more leads and convert them to satisfied members of your travel club. It can also help you target senior citizens as well. According to a report, 48% of travelers of age 65 and above said that they don’t prefer to travel anymore due to their health issues (source). If your travel club benefits are able to make these concerned individuals travel safely, then it could be a win-win situation for everyone.

Travel club benefits related to healthcare

Here are some easy ways to integrate healthcare facilities with travel club platforms:

24-hour access to a doctor: Lots of travel clubs already provide a feature of “doc in a suitcase”. In this way, travelers can seek the assistance of a licensed doctor remotely at any time. From discussing the past records to the ongoing concerns, travelers can easily rectify their queries and get an instant help.

Medical jet facility: This premium healthcare feature is only available in a few travel clubs. In an emergency situation, you can access a medical jet with all the advanced facilities. It can transfer the individual in need to a nearby hospital in minutes as well. The medical jet feature would be of a great help during any unforeseen situation as it can arrive as soon as possible with professional assistance.

Instant access to medicines: Besides being able to have a conversation with a licensed doctor remotely, many travelers also need to obtain important medicines and drugs while traveling. Therefore, your travel club can collaborate with a few local medical stores that can meet the requirements of your members seamlessly.

These are only a handful of ways to integrate healthcare services with your travel club. You can simply get in touch with a travel club fulfillment company to add these amazing features to your club. Custom Travel Solutions is one of the best B2B travel club white label solution provider out there. With its dedicated healthcare benefits like Doc in a suitcase and medi-jet facility, you are sure to provide unmatched services to your members and help them travel freely.

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