Help your customers to fulfill their travel dreams

Keeping Your Best Customers Happy: Helping Them Fulfill Their Travel Dreams

Is it really enough that customers find your service appealing and price reasonable? The answer is no! What is the secret recipe for keeping your customers happy? What does a happy and satisfied customer look like?

Satisfied customers are looking for an unforgettable experience and specialized services to fulfill their travel dreams. And loyalty is a whole different matter altogether. Customers today want the best deals, dynamic services and convenience while planning a journey.

Whether planning for a business trip or a leisurely holiday, customers want a service that is faster, better and more affordable than others. If your business understands their travel dream, offers a reasonable solution and delivers it well, then you can hope to convert your customers into brand advocates.

But that’s not the ultimate goal. The customers can still be wooed away – reliably and repeatedly – to convert to loyalty. What is the secret to customer happiness? A Travel club is the answer to keep your customers at the forefront and enjoy the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is non-negotiable.Travel clubs work overtime to keep your customers happy. Travel clubs offer a well-planned itinerary keeping in mind the personal preferences of the frequent travelers to ensure that the trip is in sync with their travel dreams. The stats show that loyal customers are worth 10 times as much as their first purchase. (Source) Travel clubs utilize past travel data to carefully plan each aspect of their trip and deliver a well-curated trip that delivers a memorable experience.

Travel clubs help your travel business by providing creative loyalty services and rewards to loyal clients. Making loyal clients feel special creates a sense of allegiance to your company thereby boosting customer satisfaction and retention. The shared values are considered a major reason for a strong brand relationship. This can be proved by the fact that 68% of customers feel that shared values build great relationships with the brand. (Source)

Travel club’s understand that a seamless services go a long way in keeping the customers happy and engaged. By making the booking process convenient and secure along with free upgrades and unique rewards, you can win over customer’s heart in a manner that’s irreplaceable. It is more likely that they will return to you despite low cost elsewhere. As per the stats, it costs 5x more to retain a new customer than to keep an existing one. (Source) So you can build customer loyalty and see your revenues increase as well.

Quality and consistency keep the customers satisfied no matter what. Once you have secured both, your customers will stay loyal to your brand. Travel clubs ensure top-notch customer service to your customers with 24X7 support anywhere in the world. An effective problem resolution process will turn even negative experiences into positive ones. According to a survey, 48% of customers who had a negative experience with a brand told 10 other people about it. (Source) Therefore, positive reviews by happy customers will have an outsized impact on your business success. Travel club’s customer retention strategies and tools exist to make it convenient for any business regardless of the size or budget. That’s how your business grows – turn your customers into repeat customers and repeat customers into cheerleaders.