long-term member benefits offered by travel clubs

The Long-range Member Benefits of Travel Clubs – More than Just Miles

Travel clubs are undoubtedly the new ‘it’ thing. If you are wondering why, just look into the range of services and features they offer to your business. As a member, you get access to insider deals, rewards, preferential rates, special promotions and more.

To understand it in detail, let us look beyond regular member benefits and discuss the long-range benefits in detail.

Below are long-term member benefits offered by travel clubs that go beyond miles or points accrual:

Bespoke experiences

Creating a bespoke experience utilizes in-depth knowledge about consumer preferences and buying trends. Considering the fact that millennials form a huge chunk of travelers in the market today, it is important to offer a perfectly tailor-made experience that caters to individual needs. Millennials take, on average, 4.2 trips in a year as compared to 2.9 trips for their older counterparts. (Source) Clearly, they are committed to travel, and a travel club membership gives them the flexibility to choose how to do what they want to do. They are after experiences rather than fixed itineraries and a travel club can be the solution they need.

Discounts on the go

A travel club that offers discounts on the go is like icing on the cake. Think about it: you are getting member discounts on apparel, dining, entertainment and excursions on topof the discount you already received on your booking. You can set a budget for your travel and know where exactly to spend upon arriving your destination. This feature actually appeals to millennials the most. The studies suggest that 98% of millennials want to explore the local cuisine rather than sticking to comfort foods. (Source)

Other research suggests that 68% of millennials will stay loyal to travel clubs that offer them exclusive rewards in the form of discounts and freebies. (Source) In this way, travel clubs can help generate repeat business and revenues for years to come.

Specialized trips

Today’s traveler is constantly seeking a specialized trip that offers transformational experience over an ordinary one. The growth in adventure travel is a direct outcome of this new trend. A travel club membership can cater to specific interests such as trekking, group travel, etc., and create an itinerary around it for a memorable experience. About 78% of millennials prefer a thrilling and adventure-filled vacation as opposed to a lazy one, and travel club membership covers all of that seamlessly. (Source)

Strong technical support

Customer support is one thing but technical support is altogether a new ballgame. Why? Well, travelers these days are tech-savvy and they want all the information on their fingertips. Millennials, for that matter, have a strong social media presence and about 97% use it even more while traveling. (Source)

Needless to say, an ideal travel club should have strong customer support at all times. Features like in-flight Wi-Fi services, land hotspots, multi-language support, flight alerts, 24X7 travel assistance have strong appeal to the millennials and club members alike.

About 97% of millennials prefer to post their experience online and “take home” moments and memories rather than souvenirs. (Source) Therefore, offering extras can not only generate more ancillary revenue but also make members brand loyalists for life.

Security and assurance

Travel clubs are expert at taking care of the financial, medical and other needs of their members in case of emergency. The travelers need to feel secure and assured about the back up in any unexpected situation.

It gives travelers a sense of security knowing that travel club serves as their ally by making the entire process faster, easier and more personalized for them.

If you are looking for long-standing benefits that emphasize on empowering your customers then without a doubt Custom Travel Solutions will be your best bet. Custom Travel Solutions works beyond ‘one size fits all’ approach to create more customizable, tech-driven and unique experience for the members. In the long-standing, members will have it all – culturally rich experiences, digital connectivity, highly specialized trips, bespoke itineraries, customized shopping, booking and more.