Major Corporate travel trends

Major Corporate Travel Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Corporate travel is no longer solely associated with business or work. To let employees have a hassle-free experience while traveling, plenty of multinationals are coming up with revolutionary corporate travel ideas. Not just to help various organizations save big on their travel budget, there are a plethora of travel clubs that are providing solutions for corporate trips to be luxurious than ever.

With the growing expectations as well as technological progression, a drastic shift in corporate travel has been seen. Here’s our prediction for a few major corporate trends that are going to make waves in 2017.

  1. The integration of Artificial Intelligence

Although there are AI-enabled assistants like Siri or Google Assistant to book tickets, their features are only going to expand in the coming days. With the integration of various third-party services, your AI assistant will help you manage your upcoming corporate travel plans in one place. Not just to prepare your itinerary, it will also help you book flights, cabs, and keep your schedule handy while traveling.

  1. Exclusive corporate stays

During any corporate trip, people want to be at the top of their game. An exclusive corporate stay can make it happen while giving an opportunity to meet other like-minded folks. Various firms are already making a long-term association with hotels that majorly deals with corporate travelers. There are several travel clubs that provide an exclusive access to thousands of hotels the world over.

  1. The integrations of domestic and international travel

Our world is getting smaller with every passing day. When it comes to travel, there is only a fine blur between domestic and international plans now. One of the leading corporate trends of this year would be providing an all-inclusive travel solution for every kind of trip.

  1. Going green

Almost every sector is going green these days and corporate travel is certainly no such exception. We are already able to book flights and cabs with just one tap. Now, corporate travelers would also be able to get airline and accommodation inventory on their smartphone, which will certainly make things easier for them. There are also dedicated smartphone apps for organizations that can let their employees manage their travel plan on the go.

Furthermore, with the introduction of mobile wallets, there won’t be any hassle of carrying cash or plastic money. Not only the integration of all these high-end features will make corporate travel programs more user-friendly, but it would be an environment-friendly initiative as well.

  1. Personal assistance and dedicated 24/7 corporate services

There are times when employees are not able to get their work done promptly when they are on the road. Also, during any corporate visit, they might need to alter their plans at the last moment. All of this can’t be done without the support of a dedicated 24/7 personal travel assistant.

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