Travel Clubs for Media & Publishing Companies

Travel Clubs for Media & Publishing Companies

There is a growing need  for media and publishing companies  to find new   models  of  customer acquisition, retention and loyalty  for  the digital age.  Content   publishers and media managers  can tap into the “sharing economy ” and use value-adds, such as a  subscription  travel club, to add value to their own subscriptions and  turn more  lookers into subscribers, and subscribers into  loyal  customers. 


Why “New” Subscriptions Are Key for Media Publishers 

Subscriptions have always been the lifeblood of the media and publishing industry, along with advertising.  But in the past decade, legacy print companies as well as B2B trade and media publications have transitioned to online models. This has created challenges, such as  the dilution of content through crowdsourced publishing (think of the many contributors to Forbes), but it has also  opened up  new advertising and revenue channels (Forbes Wine Club, for example). 

Thus far, media and publishing companies have approached  digital  subscriptions as secondary to other online revenue opportunities. For the most part, publishers have used their digital  platforms  to push print subscriptions and (increasingly)  to attract readers to events.  But as the demand for content grows, and the sources  of content online multiply, even the most niche publications will need to add value beyond their subject matter  and content.  

How can media companies and publishers use ancillary programs to add value to their online  subscriptions, differentiate their content  publishing platform, turn more lookers into subscribers, and ultimately,  turn subscribers into loyal customers? 

Have you considered a branded travel club? 


Travel Clubs for Non-Travel Media Companies & Publishers 

Media and publishing companies are perfect partners for the travel industry because travel is a “demographic-agnostic” product. In other words, everyone loves to travel, and they are traveling more frequently, as witnessed by the continued growth of frequent flyer programs and co-brand cards. This affords an opportunity for non-travel companies such as media publishers to enhance their own products, while becoming a new distribution channel for airlines, hotels and other travel providers. It’s a win-win. 

Essentially, non-travel companies are able to turn their websites into online travel agencies, without actually getting into the travel business, with all the connections and fulfillment partners it would take. Travel clubs simply bring all of this together in one private label, plug-and-play revenue program that can be added on top of any media or publishing site and integrated with their loyalty programs or other revenue programs (wine clubs, for example). 

To learn more, contact Custom Travel Solutions today to discuss how we can help you turn more lookers into subscribers, and subscribers into loyal customers. In the meantime, enjoy another blog on the travel club option for travel APIs.